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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Victor!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Victor!

Victor Lee Zeldenrust
8lbs 2oz (our lightweight baby!)
21 inches
8:31 am

1 Year Old

2 Years Old

3 Years Old
There's never a dull moment in our house with this little red head!
He loves Cars and Thomas and begs to go fishing with Dad every day all summer long.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Pics

It was nice to have a Christmas that we were truly able to buy our kids nice presents. We didn't go overboard, but instead of buying toys at the Dollar Store or some other cheapy place we could afford, we were able to buy them presents of quality. And we resisted the urge to buy them everything they wanted or what we wanted to give them hopefully teaching them that they don't get everything they ask for, they get what we and Santa believe they would love to have. I hope it worked :D

Kids Pics

I tried to get a nice picture of the kids...

Eve, get off Dirk's lap...
Dirk, look at the camera and smile...
Victor, you too...
Syllie, stop crying...

Eve, smile...
Dirk, put your tongue back in your mouth...
Syllie, don't bite Victor...
Victor, smile...

Eve, I want a pic of your other cheeks...
Dirk, get your hands off Syllie's butt...
Victor, don't push the baby...
Syllie, turn around..

Dirk, get your hands off your face...
Syllie, stop crying...
Victor, look at the camera...

Eve, stop squishing your face...
Victor, wake up...

Eve, stop crying...
Dirk, turn around...
Syllie, turn around...
Victor, get your hands off Syllie's head...

Eve, stop talking...
Victor, stop pinching Syllie's hand...
Syllie, just punch Victor so he stops pinching your hand...

Syllie, get your finger out of your mouth...
Eh, good enough :D

Presents from Grandpa

Grandpa sent some money for the kids to go on a shopping spree! GG Athman also gave the kids some money, so off to Target and Shopko we went!

I couldn't see Victor's toy, so I told him to turn it around. So he turned around instead lol

Eve with her new Zhu-Zhu pets - this girl LOVES these things. And we found them for 75% off, so she snagged two of them from GG Athman's gift money.
Victor is holding the new deck of cards - the boys and Daddy love to play cards.

Dirk scored some awesome Transformers that were on sale! "Love" doesn't describe how awesome Transformers are to him! These are the bigger transformers and light up. As I type this he is downstairs zooming them around and watching YouTube on how to transform them. The directions aren't cool enough, so he heads online to check them out :D

Here are two more Transformers that Dirk was able to get!

Victor loved this little fish. It's for in the bathtub. You pull the string and the tail flutters. I'm pretty sure this little boy is going to be Daddy's fishing buddy.

Here Victor is saying "YES!" and putting his arm up in victory as he found Red from Cars2 :D

Victor got a new scooter from G for his birthday tomorrow, so we found a Lightning McQueen helmet for him to wear while riding his new scooter. (Yes I know it's on backwards, but you couldn't see his face due to the packaging if I put it on the right way. I'll get more pics in a few days of him wearing it correctly.)

Here's Half-Asleep Victor with Red again. It takes a lot of energy to pick out the best toys!

Eve and her huge package of mini-Princess dolls and clothes.

Miss Syllie and her new sippy cups. She giggled outloud when she saw these! It's the little things that make her happy :D We still have money left, I'll either buy her a cutesie little outfit that Gran would have picked out, or get her a baby doll. But the toys were so picked over for her age, I'll have to go out on a later day to find her goodies. She also got brand new pink forks and spoons so she can eat like a big girl. She giggled at those too!

And Eve with her Squinkies. These are actually really cute and Eve can finally have them since Syllie has stopped eating every little toy inthe house :D

And here's Eve at home with the Squinkies all laid out on the floor. It's a princess set of Squinkies - do you think she would have picked out any thing other than princesses? lol

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Victor is playing on PBSKids.org and it asks him to find the letter that makes a Buh Buh sound.

I repeated the question to him.

V - What makes a buh buh sound? Buh buh BIG BUTT!


Eve's First Lost Tooth

Eve lost her first tooth on Friday :D


During the Children's Message at Church...
Pastor - What do you like about Christmas?
D - raises hand - You get more presents than at your birthday.
Congregation giggles.
Totally Ryan's kid.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


M - Eve, we need to help teach Sylvia how to talk.
E - Why?
M - Bcuz she's old enough to talk. Like, mama, dada, easy words like that.
E - (To Sylvia) Can you say "Poptart"?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Fun

Auntie Steph took this pic of Syllie - I absolutely LOVE it!

5 of the 6 cousins at the Pumpkin Patch

Kids on the pretend hay ride. They had so much fun :D


Grandpa came for a visit! We went to the pumpkin patch to grab pumpkins. I told the kids they could pick out any pumpkin, but they had to be able to carry it all the way back to the van or they couldn't get it...

This is the one Eve picked out.

Victor kept picking out gourds lol

Dirk first picked out this one and then realized he couldn't carry it...

So he then picked out this one haha :D

Victor painting his pumpkin.

Here's Dirk's Pirate, one-eyed, pumpkin.

Eve painting, I mean sneaking some chocolate.

The boys painting.

Grandpa splashing Dirk.

Grandpa giving Victor a piggy back swim.

Grandpa getting ready to toss Eve, but she wouldn't let him.

Grandpa swimming with Victor.

Eve and Victor.

They had soooo much fun with Grandpa - both Grandpa and the kiddos slept very well that night. We had a great time with him and can't wait to see him again!