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Monday, April 26, 2010


Derrick's downstairs playing Mario Kart on the Wii...

D - Mom! Look, I'm driving like a crazy woman!

lol Oh Dirk.

Friday, April 23, 2010


So, I snuck out the tub of ice cream, and she caught me...

C - Wanna have ice cream for lunch?

E - YES!

After a few bites, Eve was about to say that she loved ice cream more than God, but she corrected herself.

C - We don't love anything more than God, right?

E - Nope. God has MAGIC!

C - Oh yeah, what are your favorite things He makes with His magic?

E - Ice cream...and Kyrsten...and Clifford the Big Red Dog......AND STARBURST!

Ryan came down from his shower, so I told him the previous conversation.

R - Don't you love Daddy? God made Daddy.

E - Nope.

R - You know, Mom's on her way to work, and you're stuck home all day with Daddy, if you don't love Daddy, you'll have to take a nap all day. You want to change your answer?

E - Nope.

Little stinker!


His favorite thing to do is crawl up the stairs,
and instead of heading to the bathroom to play in the toilet,
or into our bedroom to grab Ryan's fishing poles,
he heads right to Eve's bed :o)
He LOVES this pillow!
I thought I could trust him to eat like a big boy,
then I turned my back...
This is what happened :o)

Will Eve Ever Learn?

She was jumping around on the top bunk
and smacked her face on the bar.
She's such a little monkey!
No matter how many times she gets hurt,
she just keeps on climbing and jumping!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


D - Scrooge McDuck has infinity money, right Mom?

M - Yep.

D - He can buy ANYTHING at a garage sale!

:o) I taught him so well haha!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Victor (and some Easter pics)

Here's all the grandbabies!
Jeremy, Dirk, Eve, Brooke, Kyrsten,
(Pepper) & Victor
Oh does Dirk love to play Battleship!

Eve and Dirk getting ready to dye eggs

Yes, that would be a nice rooster tail
in that RED hair!
G, Victor and Evie
(Eve's wearing "Bunny Ears",
not "Pig Tails" bcuz it was Easter)

This little boy is growing up a wee bit too fast. He's walking, on the verge of running, all over the place. He LOVES being outside and will grab his shoes and try to put them on and stand at the door banging on it. He never puts up a fight to put a coat on, as he knows what that means!
He still loves to crawl up the stairs. Before, he'd head to the toilet, or into our room and play with Ryan's fishing poles. Now? Straight to the kids' room. Why? Bcuz he can now climb up onto Eve's bed. He just giggles and squeals when he's on it! So cute :o)
And he's catching on to praying when we eat and at bedtime! He folds his hands, and nods his head and mumbles. We're trying to exaggerate "Amen" for him at the end so he can at least catch on to that part. He gets the "ah" and that's it. Brings back memories of teaching Derrick that. He would always say "All Done" instead of "Amen" lol!
He blows kisses so nicely. Smacks his palm, and then blows. So cute!
And I have another monkey on my hands. He's trying to keep up with Evie. He can get up onto the couch now. And pushes the kitchen chair to the stove and climbs up onto it to get to whatever is on the stove. NOT COOL! It's where Ryan put cookies the other day, so his little sweet tooth knows where to go! Today he pulled his high chair over and started climbing up that to get to the stove again. Oh boy...

Friday, April 16, 2010


Last night, Victor would NOT sleep. So after an hour of me trying to get him to sleep, Ryan took him downstairs to rock. I made him some oatmeal and applesauce, and Ryan fed that to him.

R - You're a little piggy!
V - E-I-E-I-O!

Lol He loves Old MacDonald!

Monday, April 5, 2010


We're in the van going to G and Papa's house...

Dirk - Mom, we need to wear helmets when we go on bikes, right?

Mom - Yes, and when you ride your new scooter, too. We'll have to go get you one now.

Eve - And you need elbow helmets, too, right, Mom?!

Elbow helmets. lol

I never change what my kids call things. I think it's too cute, and they outgrow it so fast. I love watching them figure out what to call things when they don't know the name of it with words that they do know.