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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Fun

Auntie Steph took this pic of Syllie - I absolutely LOVE it!

5 of the 6 cousins at the Pumpkin Patch

Kids on the pretend hay ride. They had so much fun :D


Grandpa came for a visit! We went to the pumpkin patch to grab pumpkins. I told the kids they could pick out any pumpkin, but they had to be able to carry it all the way back to the van or they couldn't get it...

This is the one Eve picked out.

Victor kept picking out gourds lol

Dirk first picked out this one and then realized he couldn't carry it...

So he then picked out this one haha :D

Victor painting his pumpkin.

Here's Dirk's Pirate, one-eyed, pumpkin.

Eve painting, I mean sneaking some chocolate.

The boys painting.

Grandpa splashing Dirk.

Grandpa giving Victor a piggy back swim.

Grandpa getting ready to toss Eve, but she wouldn't let him.

Grandpa swimming with Victor.

Eve and Victor.

They had soooo much fun with Grandpa - both Grandpa and the kiddos slept very well that night. We had a great time with him and can't wait to see him again!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We took all the kids to the hotel Grandpa was staying at so they could go swimming with him. Grandpa ALWAYS has a baseball cap on. So he comes out with just swim trunks on with a Hawaiian print.

E - Why does your swim suit have girly flowers on it?

We all giggle.

E - Where did your hair go?

lol In case you don't know Grandpa - he's bald :D


Grandpa and I took Dirk and Eve to the Book Fair at school so Grandpa could buy them each a book. Walking up to our house afterward, Dirk tells me...
D - This book costs $10.
M - What did you tell Grandpa?
D - I told him to buy it.
lol Not what I meant, kid.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Pics

Eve at Homecoming

For Homecoming, Loyola has their Senior class and their Kindergarten class sing the National Anthem together. Unfortunately, Eve's Senior friend - our old babysitter - didn't make it on time, and she spent most of the song looking for Kelly. But she found her good friend, Alyssa - aren't they adorable? I'll upload the video of the National Anthem when I can figure out how to transfer it to this computer, for some reason it's not working.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


So, I'm looking at an amazing site called Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons and Jill shows a picture of a beaver that she made out of baked beans and a hamburger.

Dirk looks at the beans and said, "Ew. It's made of tooters."

lol The only way I could ever get him to eat baked beans was to tell him they make him fart. So now he calls them tooters.