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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who's going to be our 20,000th Visitor?

Is it you?! Look at the counter to your right? Who was our 20,000th visitor?! Leave a message in our comments, even if you are just a random searcher :o)

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Happy Birthday, Eve!

9# 10oz
21 inches




Happy Birthday, Your Royal Highness!
There is definitely no dull moments in our home with this Princess around! She makes us laugh on a daily basis. I absolutely LOVE all the Eve-isms she gives to us. Yesterday was her birthday, and Friday night she informed me that there should be balloons and a sign (banner) for her but not to tell her what they look like, that was to be a surprise to her. (Ok honey) And even though I'm not a fan of birthdays, I put that aside and went and bought a Tinkerbell, Princess and a crown balloons just for her. And a banner. She liked them. I said she could pick out whatever she wanted for her birthday lunch, snacks and dinner. For dinner, she said she was going to eat cookies "Because it's my birthday and I can eat whatever I want to on my birthdays." I didn't let that one happen!
She is SO ready for Kindergarten and even though I'm sure I'll cry on her big day, we are SO ready for her to go! But cannot wait for the stories her teacher will tell us :o)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Super Saving Sisters

Check out the new blog Sarah and I started about saving YOU some money! Leave feedback! Stay tuned for info on the new site on how to "LIKE" us on Facebook to keep up with all the great deals out there! We are so excited!



Ryan was upstairs with the kids while Dirk played the Wii. Dirk needed help playing the game and asked Ryan to show him how. He did, and it worked. Here's the conversation that followed...

D - Daddy! You're a smarty pants!
R - Yeah. I know.
D - Mommy's a smarty pants, too.
E - No she's not! Mommy's a girl! She's a smarty panties!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Living Social $20 Amazon gift card for only $10!

Living Social is having a great sale on Amazon gift cards! I need diapers, well technically Victor and Sylvia need diapers haha! So I'm snagging this up! Check it out! They also have a program where you invite your friends and get 5 Deal Bucks, I haven't checked out what this means yet, but I have a feeling I'll be getting to know this site :o)

Monday, January 17, 2011

My Walgreen's Run

My Downtown Mankato Walgreen's had some great clearance items - paired with coupons, you'll see it was quite a great deal!

4 Keebler Ready Crusts on clearance for 49c/each = $1.96
4 Domino brown sugar on clearance for 24c/each = 96c
2 Pantene hair products on clearance for $1.59 each - used $3 off 2 Pantene products = 18c
1 Fructis shampoo on clearance for $1.09 - used $1 off Fructis shampoo = 9c
*They had quite a few products on clearance on an end cap at the back, left corner of the store!
2 Troli candies (should have been B1G1 @$1.49, but I had a large coupon, so I didn't argue in case it would beep my coupon) $1.69 - used a company coupon $1.50 = 19c
4 Halls cough drops $1 each - used 2 $1 off coupons plus 2 B1G1 coupons (they are all over up at the Hilltop Hy-Vee! I've stocked up for a sale like this!) = FREE
2 Lindsay Olives (Ryan's fave) on sale for 2/$4 - used in ad coupon (took $2.02 off) = 99c each

Total $5.37 + tax AND a $2 off catalina printed off from Procter and Gamble! BONUS since I bought 2 Pantenes on clearance! Wish I had more coupons for that deal!

Saved $36.18

And my cashier was a younger man, and I always get a kick out of them liking the end total :o)

We have 3 Walgreen's around here, so since each store has different clearance, I decided to hit up the North Mankato one for this...

Not much on clearance we needed except the French's Fried Onions for 79c each - used 2 - 75c coupons and 2 - 50c coupons, making them 58c total
I used the $2 catalina from the first Walgreen's Run to buy 2 Reese's at 2/$2 = FREE
And the cashier talked me into to sugar free gum at 50c each :o) I caved.

Total $1.88 + tax
Saved $11.26

So, I spent $7.03 + tax and saved $47.44 Not too bad :o)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More of My Free and/or Cheap Finds

Here's part of my Cub Run...
2 Swiss Miss on sale for $1 each, used 50c off 2 (expired - I LOVE THAT CUB ACCEPTS EXPIRED COUPONS!) = 50c each
2 Dove Chocolates on sale $1.95, used 2 - $1 off coupons (expired) = 95c each
(notice one is not pictured? Dove is my FAVORITE chocolate haha!)
Loaf of Arnold bread (best ever!) on sale $2, used $4 coupon from company
Loaf of Arnold Italian bread $2.19, used $4 coupon from company (it deducted $4 each time even though I only spend $2-2.19! Yeah for overages!!
Krunchers - used a Free Product coupon from the Kruncher company = FREE
Not pictured is...
Ice cream @ $1.99 (Victor is sick, wanted something soft for him to eat)
and Sirloin on sale for $1.99/lb = $3.54

Total $5.12 + tax
(saved $13!)
Walgreen's Run Part 2 :o)
Each of the above was on sale for 25c each! Couldn't find any coupons to get them free, but I tried haha! Cupcakes are just in time for Eve's birthday coming up!

Walgreen's Run part 1
Colgate toothpaste on clearance for 37c each! I used 50c off coupon, tried buying 3, but they wouldn't adjust the coupon or the price of the Colgate so I could get 3 for free, so I had them take one Colgate off my transaction after they scanned the other coupons, so I had 13c overages for each one :o) I bought a few other things, but nothing worth noting.

I love shoes, especially sandals, but can't really wear them in the winter. I was a lucky person to get one of these pairs when Bear Paw had a giveaway on their Facebook page! But I was TICKED OFF when I noticed they were size 7! Darn it! :o) They are so cute, but one of my sisters-in-law will get to sport these cuties around. Just better not be around me! I'll be jealous! It also came with a music CD that I will keep for myself, thank you very much.

My Free and/or Cheap Finds

Oh have I missed finding a good deal! I think I spent too much time yesterday (a whopping 2 hours) shopping. But it was nice to be out.

My Target Run...
Kashi on sale for $2.99, used $3 off from Vocalpoint = FREE

6 cans of Cream of Chicken on sale for 75c each, used 2 - $1.00/4 = 50c each. (I've gotten them better, but this is the best sale I've found lately and we really needed them. Bummer)

Kens Dressing - I love my Italian dressing! on sale for $1.75, forgot my coupon poop on me.

Tide 97c, used $1 off = FREE

Total spent $5.71 plus tax

Ok, I have hated Walmart for a LONG time. But I decided to give them a few more tries ("buying" my free stuff there). My cashier was very nice. So I will try them again sometime in the future...

4 Athenos Greek yogurts on sale for $1 each, used $2/2 coupon = 4 for FREE
Rhodes dinner rolls $1.76, used $1 coupon from some paper I forget which :o) = 76c
2 Schick disposable razors $1.97, used 2 - $2 off coupon 12/5 SS (exp 1/16) = 2 for FREE
3 Maruchan Yakisoba 54c each, used 3 - 50c off coupons 1/2 SS (exp 3/31) = 4c each

Total = 82c + tax
Not bad, huh? :o)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gran & Grandpa's House!

My two girls


Haha! Love Eve's face,
Love Sylvia looking away

Eve loved this little photo shoot with
her baby sister

Are those all my kids?
All smiling?
Hey Miss Snooty.

Victor kept saying "Cheese!"
He wanted to get his pic taken by his baby sister :o)
Oh. What is that?
Can I reach it?

I think I am printing this off in an 8x10
and not getting her 4 month pic taken and use this!
Which is bigger -
Syllie's eye
the ornament???
My two boys
adoring Gran's tree

Isn't Gran's tree beautiful?!
It's gorgeous.
And so are my boys :o)
Dirk and Victor visiting Gran
in the hospital

Ok. Besides 4 bedrooms and a yard,
a MUST HAVE on my new house list
is a "Cacuzzi" tub as the kids call it!
I have never seen Dirk's face like this -
This was the BEST THING EVER in his mind!
The boys in the "cacuzzi" before the bubbles began.

Dirk wanted to play the piano,
but did not want his pic taken.
He kept playing the piano and saying,
"I know how to play and I've never
had any lessons!" Yeah, we know, kid. haha
Victor and Daddy playing the piano

Victor's bday present from Gran and Grandpa!
Oh does he love this little garage.
And put his foot on it so no one else could play.
Sylvia eating the towel after her bath
(in a regular bathtub, no jacuzzi for her yet)

Haha! I love her face!
She loved Gran's soft towels
She really needed a bath,
and loved it!

These two were inseparable.
Hans and Eve
Victor hiding under Uncle Britt
and Auntie Christine's table
(He took some really nice pics this week there!)
Dad, Goofy Dirk, and Uncle Britt

Eve and her Hansie
(Hockey as Victor pronounces)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sylvia - Milestone

I woke up this morning to a little, smily Sylvia - on her back! She's officially mobile. :o( I liked being able to know she'll be right where I left her. Oh well. I guess she has to grow up sometime.