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Friday, October 31, 2008

Doc Appt

I had my doc appt yesterday. Baby's currently breech. No big deal since I have to have a C-section. And it still has time to flip, but usually by 32 weeks it's done. I'm just about 31 already. Crazyt. But I was wondering why I didn't feel the same as the other two. Measuring a little big - but she said, "You're right on track for your babies." Great. So much for not having a 10# again :o) But that's ok. They are cute chubby.

Didn't accomplish a lot of my to-do list yesterday :o( I started some of the other ones, just never fully finished them. So here's my list for today...

1. Finish cleaning off the table. ALMOST DONE!
2. Sweep the floor. Then if I get ambitious, I can wash it. But at least sweep it. DONE!
3. Vacuum living room floor. DONE!
4. Put all toys downstairs.
5. Empty out at least one of the boxes in our living room of "Stuff".
6. Clean off counter. Will get done on Sunday, when our new desk arrives! No more paper on the counters!!!
7. Clean off top of refrigerator.
8. Make it thru work. I'm so stinking tired.
9. Put plastic wrap stuff on the windows - the order came!
10. Read a book to the kids, or do something with them.
11. Oops, forgot one. I need a costume for work tonight. Need to finish finding it and put it together. More shopping. Yay. Not really. DONE!

Happy Halloween Everyone! Or as the kids have been saying - Happy Trick or Treats! :o)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

To Do List

Hold me accountable - someone needs to! Here's what I want accomplished today, very badly!

1. Clean off the table - kids have had fun making projects, and there's stuff everywhere!
2. Clean out and organize the refrigerator.
3. Clean off the top of the refrigerator.
4. Clean off the counters.
5. Shoot the dog. I mean take him to the dog park. He's driving me NUTS!
6. Get the groceries.
7. Take kids to the library without screaming fits.
8. Vacuum living room and hallway.
9. Empty out both boxes of toys in the living room and put them away. NO MORE TOYS UPSTAIRS!
10. Wash kitchen floor.
11. Make it to my doc appt.
12. Stop in and see Ryan and work.
13. Take kids trick or treating tonight since I work tomorrow - they are having one INSIDE up at Bethany. And eat 1/2 their chocolate candy. :o) Kids don't need that much sugar anyways :o)

So, 13 things. I can do that. There's so much more to do. But I'd like the main floor to be cleaned. We want to bring home a desk this weekend, and I need to get everything ready to move around. So why bother cleaning before I make another mess, well - that's my mommy brain's way of thinking right now. So I'll just go with it :o)

2. Done.
5. Ryan's taking him for a walk. Close enough.
6. Done
7. DONE! Without a fight!
8. 1/2 Done - Hallway only.
11. Done
12. Done
13. Done

After 5 hours uptown, I only have 3 done :o( And I'm exhausted. More came up that I needed to get done sooner than later that weren't on my list, but that's what happens. Kids are watching a movie from the library. So now's the time to get the rest done. I have just over an hour to get the cleaning stuff done. Ready...Set...Yeah Right, but GO!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I have to work on Friday, so I took the kids to a Halloween "Party" this morning. And Tuesday I did also. So here's some pics of the kids all dressed up!

Eve did not want to be a ladybug. So I went and got her red nail polish. That's all it took for her to wear it! However, she wanted to be a Naughty Ladybug. Not a nice one. Just so you know :o)

Derrick loved being a Ninja! He practiced his moves with his new sword all day long.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lord's Prayer

So the last few weeks I brought the kids to a new church - all by myself! And they've done pretty good. I enjoy it not being so "boring" - the pastor is more engaging in his sermons, the music isn't so 17th century, and the congregation is younger (for the most part, I still like that some of my favorite customers at Applebee's go there!). The only complaint I have with the kids is that they like to kneel on the floor and color on their chair seats. I'm trying to get them to sit, and if they color or read a book, that's fine. But they need to be sitting. The chairs aren't bolted down, so they end up moving them around and bumping people. But not often, just enough that I want to nip it in the butt before I can't any more.

Anyways, I realized the kids don't know the Lord's Prayer. And thought I should probably teach them this so they can "participate" more in the service. So today I decided that at lunch before we eat, we'd say the Lord's Prayer to get familiar with it. I said a line, and had them repeat it. I said, "Hallowed be Thy name" and Derrick replied with "Hallowed be my name, Dirkie." Ha ha! I love having them repeat things and seeing how they try to say it! They are so innocent.

I actually had the day off today! I was so nervous that I read the schedule wrong that I called in this morning just to make sure. I'm trying to get the house organized (not totally working). Sometimes when I have so much to do I just do nothing but write on my blog :o)

So to make me feel better, this is what I have accomplished today:

1. Put that stuff up on the windows in the kids' room to keep cold air from coming in.
2. Went to the store and made a list of stuff to order for the kids' Christmas presents.
3. Bought something to help light our pilot light of our furnace so we don't freeze to death this weekend.
4. Put 3-4 loads of laundry away.
5. Folded another 2 loads of laundry. Still need to put them away.
6. Fed the kids breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner.
7. Watched 3:10 to Yuma. Not sure I liked it.
8. I made it to my PT appt - feeling better, so baby must not have grown a whole lot this week.
9. Let my husband go play basketball :o)
10. Cut Derrick's hair - I did pretty good, but I do hope it grows back quickly :o)
11. Cleaned up pee on the kitchen floor bcuz Eve didn't make it to the toilet.
12. Went grocery shopping, and let the kids have their own kiddy carts. That was fun...sort of.
13. Played on the computer. Ok, now I'm stretching :o)

What's left?
1. Order more window wrap stuff.
2. Put another 4 loads of laundry away.
3. Find a bassinet, since the kids broke ours a few days ago :o(
4. Do the dishes, ALL of them.
5. Vacuum.
6. Clean off the table.
7. Make peanut butter rice krispy bars.
8. Keep cleaning the basement so we can move the TV down there.

There, that should be good enough. Hmm, will it get done? You'll just have to wait and see...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Quick Update

I'm heading off to work here shortly, so I thought I'd better quick update before the weekend flies by like usual!

I'm doing pretty well. Therapy has helped, for the most part. But every time my body shifts to make room for the growing baby, I get a setback. However, still no major, killing pains that make me want to cry. I have had trouble doing some of the exercises, mainly bcuz I need to lie flat on the floor, and that pressure still hurts my hip. Went to the Chiro today and wanted to scream when she tried to push on my hip. She lightened up the next time, still painful, but glad things are back where they should be! I even noticed I could stretch with less pain - yeah!

We were supposed to go out with some friends last night at 10pm for some wings. I wasn't able to find a sitter, so Ryan just went. It's MEA weekend, and midterm weekend, so my sitters were gone and Brian and Josie took the one that wasn't in school! :o) I fell asleep shortly after 10pm, and woke up around 830am. Of course it wasn't straight thru, Eve woke up, Derrick woke up, you know the drill! I thought today would be a breeze, but I'm still tired. This is about the time I drag butt :o)

Cute story to end the post. Yesterday we brought Ryan some lunch and ate it with him at work. There was a flyer with some Halloween costumes on it. Derrick was going thru it, saying "I want to be a ninja for Halloween. Oh, I want to be a doctor for Halloween..." Then we hear him say, "I'm going to be a BUTT for Halloween!" We're like, he must have said "bug." No bug on the flyer. He repeated, and again said "Butt". So we looked at the flyer - it was a costume for a Whoopie Cushion! Ha ha! He said he'd wear it so he could make "butt noises." I like that, sounds better than saying "fart." Dirkie, Dirkie.

Monday, October 13, 2008

28 Weeks - Month 7 - Last Trimester!

Wow - I'm in the last trimester - last leg of this journey! ;o) Baby has been very good, I was just thinking the other day that this one hasn't been very active that I've noticed. Then two days ago this little one became super active. Kind of annoying, but I guess it's a good thing, right? Feeling overall pretty good. I'm still tired by the middle of the afternoon/just after dinnertime. But don't have the time for naps. I didn't close on Friday, and had a nice section closing on Saturday (no steps, no ramps, little walking) and my hip felt so good when I was done! Sore, but I was at least able to sit on the floor without wanting to scream. Wish I could request that section every Fri and Sat! We'll see what I can do :o)

Derrick and Eve have been very creative lately. We are working on a project for Gran to mail to her last week (oops!) but will get it to her at the end of this week.

Derrick is very good at coloring, drawing stick figures (he's working on drawing fingers on those stick figures). Eve I just taught a few minutes ago how to use scissors. She cut up so many pieces of paper! I drew 2 lines on her paper and had her cut on the lines. She did fairly well, but we'll work on that some more!

Ok, off to get some more cleaning/organizing done. Kids jumped all over the bassinet the other day and cracked the sides of it :o( So I need to get that up in our room before they ruin it any more and it's not useable. I need one for #3!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Great Pics!

Oh I was so excited to see these pics! The kids were photogenic, if I can brag a little :o)
They also had a lot of fun just running around outside. I realized both need new shirts, Eve is officially out of size 3 and Derrick is a good size 7, some 8's. No more Smalls or size 6's for this boy!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Congrats out to Dave and Karly on the safe arrival of Caitlyn Charlotte!

I took the kids shopping today for Alisson and Bradon's Big Sister/Big Brother gifts. They were more interested in the toys than the things I thought Karly might appreciate more (coloring books and puzzles). They would hurt less when Bradon throws them :o) he he he

Caitlyn is a little peanut. I got to take a quick peak at her before she left the room. She was 7# 12oz and 20 1/2 inches. I don't know what I would do if one of my kids was that size! But she was absolutely beautiful. All cozy, wrapped up and sleeping. Just the way I like them :o)

Eve has been having a rough few days I think. The last 3 nights she has wet the bed. She's had a new schedule over the past few weeks, and I think she's just stressed out. I spent more time with her today, and plan on doing even more tomorrow - including reading to her which she asks us to do ALL DAY LONG! But I think she needs more one-on-one time, so hopefully that will help out. She wasn't feeling well a few days ago, but she doesn't seem to be sick any more. So hopefully this will all pass. Luckily I still had a few diapers left. She was NOT happy about having to wear one, but I explained to her that if she wakes up with no potties in her diaper, she can wear panties again. I was just sick of washing her bedding this much!

Ryan said they played very well together today while I was at work. So that's good. They are both feeling much better and back to their normal, energetic selves!

I've been having a TON of Braxton-Hicks (practice contractions). Very annoying. I wish I could get them to stop since I won't really be needing them :o) My hip is doing better in some ways, and worse in others. I can now walk without severe pain. But I can't sit on the floor without severe pain. However, since I do more walking than sitting on the floor, I'll take it! I'm usually in desperate need of a nap just after dinnertime, but won't take a nap since I would probably want to keep on sleeping! And now it's 11pm and I'm still awake. I should go. Stay tuned for pics. I plan on taking some fun ones tomorrow before it's too cold to be outside for a while!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

12 weeks to go!

Only 12 weeks (about) to go! Baby is about 2 pounds now, and over 14 inches from head to toe. Baby's active. Gets the hiccups or something like them and it annoys me :o) I'm VERY tired. The closing shifts on the weekends are starting to get to me. So I'll give them a few more tries and we'll see if I can handle it. Otherwise I'll drop down to just a first-off instead. I haven't been first-off in so long! I was scheduled for it yesterday, but when I returned to work it was changed, so I closed. But it went well. Pretty slow, and I know it's bad to say - but I'm so glad it was!

My hip still hurts to the point it takes my breath away and I don't want to move. Usually when I'm sitting on the floor, or trying to get out of a vehicle. I haven't had that kind of pain when walking - so that's good! It's painful to do the exercises, but I still try to do them. I figured anything will help, right?

Kids are doing well. Getting over a bit of a cold. Our old humidifier had some water (and some mold growing - ICK!) from last winter, so that got thrown out. So I'm looking into a new one as I'm sure we'll use it this winter sometime. Ryan and I also looked at making bunkbeds for the kids so we can fit three in that room. So we'll see how that goes.

Derrick is getting very good at drawing - especially stick figures and faces. It's pretty cute! Eve absolutely LOVES to color. They can spend hours coloring and doodling. I gave them each a notepad of paper and it kept them occupied for a wonderful length of time :o)

Friday, October 3, 2008

New Outfit

Thanks Gran! I LOVE my new candy outfit!
The kids are also enjoying going to The Little Red School House. This is the *gulp* daycare that I found that could take them once a week. When I say they are going to go play there, they usually clap and jump up and down. So I'm glad they like it there. I just needed someone on Tuesdays, and this way they get to play with a few other kids. It's small, which I like. So far they have been there three times, and each time they've gotten outside for a few hours! You should have seen them yesterday - they were covered in leaves and dirt and paint. They had a BLAST and crashed after dinner. Well worth it :o) It's almost like a little preschool. They may not be learning numbers and letters (I can help teach them that), but they do art projects and other stuff. They usually don't want to leave when I come to pick them up!
It's hit me the last few days that in less than a year, Derrick will be gone for 8 hours a day M-F! I can't believe he'll be in Kindergarten. I hope the school we wanted to send him to changes back to 1/2 day. This all day Kindergarten I don't really care for. And this fall was the first time they switched to be like every other school in Mankato, so now there is no more option of 1/2 day :o(
We also have to replace both water heaters in the duplex :o( Bummer. But at least I'll be able to take a shower for longer than 10 minutes with hot water! :o)