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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Evie thought that Victor needed a pic of him and her ponies.

Cute outfit from Doula Rae! Can you believe he's wearing it already!!??

Victor was such a happy baby this morning! I ran around trying to find my camera to catch some more smiles and giggles, but I didn't find it RIGHT NEXT TO ME until he was just about done being happy. Mommy brain is horrible! :o)

Evie and Victor

She likes him now :o) But I think he's giving her the cold shoulder in this picture!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Pics!!!

Daddy trying to get Victor to stick his tongue out.
Gran and all her Grandbabies!

Chillin' in the crib.

Here's a few more. I feel kind of bad taking so many pics of Victor and not of Dirk and Eve, but they aren't changing so fast, and they aren't as cooperative either!


First Smile caught on camera!
Evie's first pair of high heels.

The "Dora Muffins" Gran made Eve for her bday.

Derrick swimming away - what a little fish!

Eve just lounging by the water.

Grandpa and Dirk coloring.

Evie with her new toys from Alyson and Mallory.

Monday, February 23, 2009


The kids got Ryan a box of cookies and licorice for his birthday. This morning, they got a hold of them and ate the rest of them. Ryan put them in their rooms as a punishment, and when they came out of their room, this is their conversation...

D - "I'm sorry I ate your birthday present, Dad." Then he looked at Eve and said, "Say you're sorry, Evie."

E - "No. I'm not sorry. I liked them!"

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Yesterday was Ryan's 33rd Birthday! Saturday while he was at work, we made 33 mini cupcakes and frosted them. The kids then each picked out a color of sprinkles and went nuts! Derrick picked red of course (Spider-man, Superman), and Eve went with Yellow (not sure why). We also tried to get the house cleaned up, but failed - but at least we started! Ryan ended up not working that day, so he got the day to do whatever he wanted.

Victor is 8 weeks old today! I can't figure it out for sure, but I think his little tummy is growling. He seems a little fussy, but gives in to sleep after being rocked. But it keeps making little sounds. Just not sure if it's "digestion" or if he's still hungry! We head to the doc next week, so I'll have her give a little listen to his tummy. Ryan was that way when he was Victor's age, and he had to get started on cereal already! Derrick was not quite 3 months when he needed it, so maybe this little guy isn't going to be a little guy at all! And looking to the past, we were wondering if that's why Evie was such a fussy baby - maybe she just needed more food??? Who knows.

Another Derrick-ism - When we were making Daddy's cupcakes, he got out 3 eggs for the mix. And asked me if he could help "hatch" them for me. :o)

ps - I have pics from them swimming, with Gran and Grandpa, and a video for Ryan's bday - AND I CAN'T FIND THE CAMERA! I put it on the counter Saturday night, and it's MIA as of Sunday. :o(

Friday, February 20, 2009

Victor's First Babysitter

So I'm at work today, and Ryan calls to say he had been called into work early. I found a sitter for about the hour overlap that we had today, but now I needed one for about 3 hours. Not something I wanted to deal with while I was at work, but I gave Ryan a few names to call and I'm so glad that he got Sarah Barbosa to watch the kids. They LOVE Mrs. Barbosa and I have the hardest time getting them to leave her house - which is such a wonderful issue to have, knowing they love it there. I remember when I was pregnant with Victor Derrick thought we should name the baby "Mrs. Barbosa"! Anyways, I survived Victor's first time needing a sitter :o) I just worry about the times he'd cry. But he was a super good baby! But I don't know how parents do it full-time - putting their kids in childcare. And to pay for THREE!? That's crazy!

V's growing like a weed. I was wondering if he'd be anything like Derrick in his growing. At two weeks he hadn't grown in length at all. And only weighed 8#8oz. Now, I'm not sure he's gained a lot of weight - but he sure has grown in length! And Sarah even commented on how long he is. So we'll see when I bring him into the doc in about 10 days. Alright, I'd better get to sleep. Ryan's gone all weekend so I need my sleep for sanity :o)

Derrick-ism & Evie-ism

One of our babysitters isn't liking her living situation so much, and had asked a bunch of us if we had room for her to move into. I said that we didn't, but we'd take her anyways! She then asked if Eve would share her bed with her. So I asked Eve about this:

M - Evie, can Stella come and live in our house and sleep in your bed.
E - NO! (Looking quite disgusted that I would even suggest that someone else stay in her bed)
D - Will Stella play with us every night?
M - Yes she will.
D - Then yes! She can sleep in Evie's bed.

What a nice big brother he is, giving up his sister's bed so he can have a friend to play with every night! Ha Ha!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I was talking to Victor tonight. He was such a fun baby! He was cooing and "talking" back. Derrick was in the room also listening, which I figured he was. This is how it went:

Mommy (talking to Victor) - Mommy has a handsome baby. Mommy has 2 handsome boys. Mommy has a handsome Dirkie, and a handsome Victor. And Mommy has a pretty Evie. And a handsome Daddy.

Then I paused, but still kept looking at Victor.

Derrick then came up near me and kind of whispered - And a pretty Mommy - with a big smile on his face.

What a sweet boy!

PS - Victor slept for 5 nights in a row! But last night he decided to wake up twice. He's super hungry - ate EIGHT ounces today for Ryan during lunch!! He's growing - his 6 month clothes fit very nicely now. WOW!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sleeping All Night!

Victor has slept for four nights in a row now! At least 7 hours each night! I am soooo happy! He's 7 weeks old now, and wears 6 month clothes! He's taking after Derrick :o) I cannot believe how big he is now. He's been smiling and even giggles now. He's also started "talking" which is so fun. I've really enjoyed him the last few days!

Gran and Grandpa also made it up here to see the kids. We've had a nice visit - short tho. They arrived yesterday and leave tomorrow morning. Poor Grandpa, I don't think he got to hold Victor very much bcuz Gran was hogging him! :o) Victor was very well loved these last two days!

The kids also got new coloring crayons and books. They LOVE to color. I've started coloring with them more lately - it's very therapeutic. I'm going to go buy my own set of crayons and coloring book in a few days when I have time to run uptown.

We went swimming today. After work, Ryan picked me up and we headed over to the hotel. Derrick had a BLAST - I can't even describe how much fun this little guy had. Eve took a while, but I finally just grabbed her and dragged her around the pool. She squeezed on me for dear life! She was so scared. But I made sure not to mess around, and didn't get her face wet, etc. Then she came around. But I bet we swam for an hour and a half. I was EXHAUSTED after getting my butt kicked at Applebee's, then swimming. Man, I was almost feeling ill. But it was a lot of fun. Eve also liked the "Little Bathtub" - the hot tub. We sat in that for a few minutes. I think she would have sat in there for hours if I let her, but we just did the 10 minutes the sign said. I'll post pics when I bring my camera up (I left it on the kitchen counter and I'm too lazy and tired to go down and get it!).

Sunday, February 15, 2009


#1 - I got a text on Friday from Ryan. Here's how it went:

Your son just ran up to me crying "Zale just boned me!" I said, "How did he do that?" He said, "Right in the head!" Reality - Zale dropped his bone on his head. :o)

#2 - Yesterday the kids were looking at a wallpaper book that I got for us to use for projects. Evie pointed out that there was a unicorn on one page. Derrick said it wasn't a unicorn, it was a "unicorn pig." I asked him what a unicorn pig was. He said, "It means it has a horn on it's nose." I then informed Derrick that it was actually called a "Rhino." :o)

#3 - Derrick and I were watching an old TV show online. During the credits a bunch of Earths were on the screen, making a spiral. Derricks said, "There's a lot of moons!" I told, "When a moon is blue and green, then it's called 'Earth' and that Mankato is on Earth." He said, "Oh. There's a lot of Mankatos on those Earths (pointing out there were multiple Earths, therefore multiple Mankatos)." Then he went on to say, "And G lives on G's World." Ha ha! He couldn't remember "New Richmond" so he said mom lived on her own world! :o)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Date Auction

Happy Valentine's Day! For you singles out there, or just single today, I'm having a date auction. Send me a message what your bid is :o)

#1 is full of energy and loves to color pictures for you.
#2 is full of conversations and loves to help you cook, you will not have a dull moment all evening.
#3 loves to cuddle and stare at you before he falls asleep.

Auction for each individual ends once the first bid is placed. Minimum $20 bid. Dates must be picked up by 5pm and returned no later than midnight in same condition they were picked up in. If damaged in any way, bidder will face the Wrath of Mother. Proceeds are being donated to the Adult Zeldenrust Entertainment Evening Fund. All sales are final.

So which will it be?

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Tonight, Derrick was not obeying us at all. So Ryan took him upstairs to go to bed. He had this conversation with him...

R - Jesus says you have to listen to Mommy and Daddy.
D, looking confused - I don't sink so.
R - What do you mean, you don't think so?
D - Jesus never told me that.
R - Well, Jesus wrote it down in the Bible.
D - Oh. Well, he wrote it then, he didn't tell me that.

This boy is so black and white with everything! Everything is so literal to him :o)


A friend of mine has a book with each of her kids' names on them, followed by -ism. I'm going to start this with my kids also - a book of things that are so darn cute that they have said. Here's the latest from the mind of Evie:

I had told the kids that they are not allowed to touch the formula that is in the refrigerator. I told them that is Victor's food and they should never open it or even touch it. I never realized that I didn't tell them what it is called. Anyways, so yesterday I was making a protein shake for me, and the powder is in a canister sort of like the formula can. Eve was watching me make my shake, and when I put the powder in, she asked, "Oh, you're putting in baby sugar?" Ha! I LOVE how kids name things with words they know. Baby sugar.

Another one she had a few days ago was when I was getting cleaned up in the bathroom. She asked if I need panties, and a shirt and stuff like that. She looks up at me and says, "I'll go get them for you." Hey, I'm all about help and was curious as to what outfit she'd pick out for me. A minute or so later I hear her yelling to me from in our bedroom, "Do you need a booby strap?!" Ha! That's three-year-old lingo for, "Do you need a bra?" Oh, Evie. My world is never dull with you around :o)

Bouncer, Outfit and Smiling?

Thanks Soon-to-be Auntie Sarah and Uncle Scott for the bouncer! We finally used part of your gift card :o) He's not a huge fan of it, but he is content for a few minutes right now, and I'm glad we have it so he can start reaching for the toys that attach to it to work on his hand-eye coordination.

The outfit he's wearing is a 6month outfit from Great-Gramma Thomas - thanks! There's a hat that goes with it, but I forgot to put it on him. But he's worn it a few times and people have complimented it every time!

Victor smiled for the first time when I was taking these pictures and I got so excited that I hit the "off" button on the camera instead of the "take a picture" button :o( I was so sad. Derrick was there with me when he did it, and saw I was disappointed, so he said, "I'll make him smile!" Ha ha! I didn't laugh too much, as I don't want Derrick thinking this is ok to do all the time :o)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Showin' off his bod

Well, here's little Victor. I realized I don't have a pic of his cute little baby body, so here he is showing it off. He's been eating like crazy this last 24 hours, so I think we're in for a little growing. Or fattening up. But I don't see him being pudgy any time soon. He lets me take about 3 pics of him before he starts screaming :o)

Monday, February 2, 2009


Victor ate at 11pm last night and I had to wake him up at about 630am! I would have let him keep sleeping, but I needed relief :o) I hope this continues! I could use some good rest!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Here's the oldest boy!


Here's some new pics of the little guy!


G and Papa came for a visit! Evie's been waiting for her Pony cake from G - and she got it! She got two more My Little Ponies, a Princess My Little Pony movie, a new Pony outfit and a Princess pillow and blanket! One spoiled little girl!