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Saturday, May 30, 2009

5 Months Old/Goodbye Zale!

Yesterday, Victor turned 5 months old! I wish he would start sleeping like he did when he was 8 weeks old. Oh how teeth mess things up. I did get him to go back to sleep around 1 without eating, but had no luck at 330, 430, 5 or 530. I caved in at 330, but can't believe he was up that many times after that! We'll be moving him into the bigger crib, so hopefully that will help him also. He's almost sitting up by himself. He LOVES to be in his walker, and has the best time when he's sitting in it in the toy room watching the kids play. He wants to be a big boy so bad! His teeth have given him a break, but he's still in that waking up all night long schedule. But during the day he's so happy! And mom can be soooo crabby! :o)

Yesterday morning, Zale got food off our counter again. Ryan went upstairs (as he heard the plate hit the floor) to yell at him, and when he did, Zale snarled at him. He's never done this before, but we weren't taking a chance that he'd do that to any of the kids, or worse. We honestly don't think he'd do it, but we couldn't take that chance. So he went to the humane society up in Burnsville. We felt he'd get a better chance of getting a new home in a larger populated area. He, besides that one snarl, was such a good dog. When I'd put Victor in the chair to go make his bottle and he'd be screaming, Zale would walk over to him, lick his face, and then just sit next to him. Eve LOVES Zale, well, Zaley as she called him! I had a talk with D and E about Zale being naughty and that he could have bitten Daddy, so we have to bring him to a new home. I said we'd get another puppy sometime, and they thought we'd trade dogs or something! After the lady took Zale, the kids took off and I asked where they were going. They said to go pick out a new puppy! Ah, no. Sorry kids. We're going to wait a while before going down that road again! They want one like Hans, Gran's puppy. That's the smallest dog I'd have. Anything smaller, it's just a Kick-Me-Dog. :o) Don't get me started on tea-cup sized dogs! Ha ha! So, this isn't the way I wanted to see Zale leave our family, so I do pray he gets adopoted quickly. He doesn't deserve to sit in a kennel! I did see a gentleman take him out to the side yard to see how his temperment is, etc. So I did kind of "spy" on them. He told Zale to sit, and Zale did. So I hope he behaves so he can get a fantastic recommendation! (to a home with no kids, just in case)

So, my to-do list didn't get too much accomplished yesterday unfortunately. The whole drama with Zale took about 8 hours, and by the time I got home, I was exhausted. So, I have a lot to do today to get it all done! Or, is it ok if I take until Sunday to get it done? :o)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spring Cleaning To-Do List

Last time I made a to-do list for on here, I got the majority of it done. We would like this to be finished by Saturday. We are able to take a lot of boxes of stuff we no longer need to the dump for no extra charge, but Saturday is the last day we can do that. SO, our timeframe is from now until Saturday to get this all done! Plus, it will be nice to have the house looking nicer if we decide to pursue buying a new home - it'll be nice and clean for us to show our side for new renters, plus it will need to get appraised I'm sure. Every little bit helps!

Living Room
DONE 1. patch holes
2. hang mirror
3. hang pictures
4. vacuum
5. clean off desk
6. windows
7. windowsills
8. clean by wall
Victor likes this now. 9. put swing away
10. put saw downstairs
11. move file cabinet
12. move fire box
13. water plants
DONE 14. throw out shelf
15. move furniture around???
16. sand patches on wall
17. paint patches on wall

1. clean floor
2. clean oven
3. clean out refrigerator
4. clean sink
5. clean windowsills
6. windows
DONE 7. clean cabinet doors
DONE 8. take down names
9. fix eating schedule and make it fun for kids
10. clean top of table and put table cloth back down
DONE 11. find place for placemats
12. wash dishes
13. put dishes away

DONE 1. clean floor
2. clean tub/shower
3. recaulk tub
DONE 4. clean sink
DONE 5. clean toilet
DONE 6. mud up wall
7. window
8. clean windowsill
9. clean ceiling
DONE 10. clothes out
11. organize cabinets

Our Room
1. put laundry away
2. dust
3. organize bookshelf
4. weed thru ryan's t-shirts
5. weed thru my drawer
6. vacuum
DONE 7. remove red nail polish from wall - thanks dirk.
DONE 8. remove red nail polish from mirror - thanks dirk.
9. fix crib
10. flip rooms
11. put up bigger crib
DONE 12. pick up dirty clothes

Kids' Room
DONE 1. donate books
2. organize bookshelf
3. fix nightstand
4. vacuum
5. clean windowsills
6. windows
7. organize clothes
8. organize cabinet
DONE 9. donate kids' clothes i don't want to store

Toy Room
1. legos upstairs
DONE 2. vacuum
DONE 3. toys in buckets
DONE 4. movies in order
DONE 5. crayons in bucket
6. books upstairs
7. coloring books on shelf

1. shampoo carpet
DONE 2. throw out garbage
3. fish tank
DONE 4. vacuum
5. clean floor
6. fold laundry
7. put away laundry
DONE 8. throw out chalkboard
DONE 9. dust
DONE 10. organize movies
DONE (well, we're going to paint over the rest) 11. clean crayon off walls
12. go thru corner storage
DONE 13. clean tv cabinet
14. put 3rd seat back in truck

1. bag up dog poo
2. rake up needles
3. water new plants
4. trim bushes
5. put in edging
6. put down mulch
7. throw out plant on porch
8. what to do with planters???


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fantastic Weekend!

I've been trying to put these pics in some sort of order, but I must have downloaded them weird or something. So no captions. Just a bunch of pics of some really cute kids!

We had a great time at Mom and Dad's this weekend! I did not want to come back to Mankato. And neither did the kids! They came up with all kinds of excuses as to why they "needed" to stay. It was pretty cute.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Perfect Day

I have to tell you that on Thursday I had the most perfect day since our wedding day!

Victor pretty much slept the entire night, only waking for me to put the pacifier back into his mouth and off to Dream Land he went.

He then woke up around 515am and was jabbering away. So I got him up for the day so he wouldn't wake the other kids up. As I went downstairs, I noticed a note from Ryan that he had made pancakes for the kids!

I was asked by a friend to work for her early and stay late for her. I knew I would be heading to Wisconsin for the weekend, so the extra cash would be welcomed :o) I started off being put in a section that most people don't care for, but during the day shift, it's good for me! I got a party right at 11am that left me enough in tips to pay my way to Wisconsin! And I still had 4 hours to go! I made excellent tips, had some wonderful guests, and a fantastic coworker that stayed to roll the silverware for me so I could get home! It was one of my best shifts ever!

I also found out one of my old coworkers that transferred to the Stillwater Applebee's would be working on Sunday when I'd be going there with Marcie, Sarah and Megan for our Sister's Lunch! The day kept getting better!

Plus, I ran into one of Ryan's coworkers when I was running an errand and I said I was leaving for the weekend (with our only vehicle) and she said she'd be happy to give Ryan a ride the days she was working so he didn't have to pay for cab fare! Oh I love Kim!

I packed up the truck quickly, and without the kids opening up the front door and letting the dog out! Extra awesome!

Then we picked up Ryan from work and dropped him off at home and headed out. Victor was kind of cranky, but fell asleep within a few minutes. The other two kids followed along within 30 minutes. Victor woke up one time to tell whoever he thought was listening a cute little story and he was back off to sleep! They all slept! I hit one stop light that I remember. Instead of taking a normal 2 hours and 20+ minutes to drive home, I made it in 2 hours and 5 minutes. I know it's only 15 minutes, but it just topped off my day.

*sigh* What a great day! AND I got to be home! I love it here!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pics for G :o)

Not the best pics, but it's all I could get - Victor was kind of cranky :o( I hope his teeth give him a break! (I need some sleep, too!)


I finally got Eve to sit long enough to put "brains" in her hair! Haha! She doesn't call them braids. And I think it's cute so I'm not going to correct her right now :o)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Kids Pictures!

I finally got all the kids in to get their pics taken together. Check 'em out!



ps - I wish I could cancel my order last week for Victor's picture and take the one of him on his tummy in this group! I love that picture! So I did one of the kids all laying down, and then had one pic of each kid separately in a collage. So I still can have it :o)

pps - Gotta love the age Dirk is at. *sigh* *eyes rolling*

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I just checked out my old babysite for the kids. It's still up and running - but I had to take a walk down memory lane. CHECK OUT THE PICTURES! Oh my have the kids grown! I just want to go hug my kids right now. I can't believe how time has flown when I look at these pictures! I can only imagine what little Victor will be like when he's Evie's age in those pictures. I love that age, those little baby chubs :o) Anyways, I went to that site to check where Victor falls on the growth scale of the other kids. He weighs more than Eve did and is longer! He's about 4 pounds behind what Derrick was, and about 2 inches shorter. But he's slowly catching up :o) Derrick will have competition I think. Victor has some pretty big paws, so I'm assuming he's gonna be a big boy. It will be fun seeing them grow up together. Derrick adores him, and Victor watches Derrick so much more than he watches Eve. Not that Eve will need any help, but they will be great brothers to protect her from all the boys! Mom likes that ha ha!

4 Month Checkup

Victor had his 4 month checkup today! He's now 17 pounds 4 ounces. 25 1/2 inches long. I can't believe he gained 5 pounds since his 2 month checkup. His THIRD tooth also broke thru this afternoon! So he should be back to his happy self soon! He did get his first round of shots today :o( He went down for a nap around 430 and was kind of warm. I'm hoping he's much like Dirk was and just sleeps a lot the next few days. Evie was super fussy after shots. Don't want him like that!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Happy Mommy's Day!

Happy Mommy's Day to all you Mommies out there - especially to all the first-time moms and moms-to-be!

I had Victor's 4-month pics taken on Friday. Check them out!

log in - carriezeldenrust@yahoo.com
password - carebear

should be fairly easy to find.

We've got a very busy week ahead of us. We have started the process of buying another property! I'm so excited for this! So this probably means we'll be moving sometime this summer!

Tuesday Dirk and I will be heading up to Loyola so he can have a mini tour of his school. We missed Kindergarten Roundup there due to a meeting, so I asked if we could stop up sometime and just show Dirk the school. He's so excited to go to Kindergarten! Then afterwards, I round up all the kids and get their pics taken. How sad is this - this will be the first family pic taken! I can finally fill the frame that's on our wall with OUR family! ha ha! Don't ask how many years it's been up on our wall without us in it. It got to be a conversation piece - "Who are the people in your frame?" "I have no idea" :o)