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Friday, July 31, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

We have had a super busy week this week - sorry I haven't updated with some new pics! I've been working a few more hours this week, which worked out perfectly. But as soon as I got home, we turned around and went to VBS. The kids LOVE VBS and I really enjoyed the adult Bible study - we studied the movie Fireproof. Bad acting in that movie, but it has some wonderful themes. Our renters are also moving out today, and our new ones in. I'm excited to have this new family move in as she cleans! It's not a bunch of college guys - you should see what I have to go clean in a few minutes. I already walked thru it once. I'm not looking forward to it. But it is better than what the previous guys left it as, but again, still not much better. So, stay tuned for more pics as this busy week comes to a close and I have more time to show off my little ones :o)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Us Kids Growing Up

No laughing! :o)

Carrie age 4, Scott age 18 months

Carrie age 5, Scott 2 1/2, Matt 3 months

Matt age 2, Scott 4 1/2, Carrie 7

Carrie age 8, Scott 5 1/2, Matt 3

Pics for Gran

Gran wanted to see pics of me growing up. So here's a few :o)

1 week old

4 1/2 months old

8 months old

2 years old

Almost 3 years old

3 years old

3 1/2 years old

Almost 4

4 years old

Can you see a little bit of me in my kids? :o)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Old School Pics

Carrie (3) and Scott (4 months)

Evie (3) and Victor (6 1/2 months)
I'm having fun going thru old pics! Stay tuned for many more now that I've figured out how to work our new scanner!

Like Mother Like Daughter

Same doll - Eve has named her "Sally" - I can't remember what I named her.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Little Fisherman

Derrick has been asking FOREVER to go fishing with Ryan again. So they had a little Daddy-Son night. They got home an hour and a half after I wanted Derrick in bed. Oh well - they had a


The other day I took the kids for a walk in the evening to get rid of their energy before bed. Down the street is a house that burned down, so we walked to that to have a fire lesson. I told them that if there is a fire in our house, that they are to scream and scream and scream and scream until Mommy, Daddy or a fireman gets them. (Especially Eve, since she is still little enough to want to hide when she's scared.)

Derrick thought for a minute. Then asked me, "So it's ok if I scream like a girl?"


Friday, July 17, 2009

To-Do List

Well, another Friday. Another To-Do List. Here goes! I am hoping to get like 90% of this done by today! And hopefully reward myself with a nap :o)

DONE 1. Finish dishes
2. Put dishes away
DONE 3. Clean counter
4. Clean out refrigerator
DONE 5. Organize cupboards
DONE 6. Wash outside of cupboards
7. Scrub floor
8. Clean inside of microwave
DONE 9. Wash windows
10. Clean windowsills
11. Clean off table
12. Put table cloth back on table

Living Room
1. Vacuum
2. Figure out where to put fish stuff
3. Move file cabinet
4. Move fire box
5. Put shoes in boxes and into closet
6. Clean windows
7. Clean windowsills
8. Organize desktop
9. Organize inside of desk
10. Figure out where to put frames and mirror

1. Sweep
2. Scrub floor
3. Put one box of toys away
4. Throw out garbage
5. Finish laundry
6. Fold laundry
7. Put laundry away
8. Put games by tv
9. Organize movies, put vhs away
10. Put books on shelf
11. Put clothes containers upstairs
12. Fill fish tank
13. Go thru area by washing machine.
14. Bring fish cabinet upstairs
15. Vacuum
16. Shampoo carpet???
17. Clean window
18. Clean windowsill
19. Wash walls - remove more crayon
20. Bring TV back up to our room

DONE 1. Wash counter
2. Scrub floor
3. Clean tub
4. Clean ceiling
DONE 5. Clean shower curtain
DONE 6. Clean toilet
7. Wash window
8. Clean windowsill
9. Organize cabinet

Kids' Room
1. Put books downstairs, except for one shelf
2. Put one shelf of books on our bookshelf
3. Move their stuff into our room
4. Move their closet items into our room
5. Vacuum
6. Hang stuff on walls
7. Hang our curtains in kids' room

Our Room
1. Move our stuff into kids' room
2. Hook up tv in our room
3. Move our closet itemsn into kids' room
4. Vacuum
5. Hang stuff on walls
6. Hang up kids' curtain in our room

The last two categories are not going to be so much fun. But the kids need more room to get 3 beds into one room, so we're flipping rooms.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Boy!

A few pics of Victor. He's such a happy boy! He had shots a few days ago, so he's not really himself the last day and today. But I caught him happy in his crib, and then playing under our blanket on our bed :o)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

6 Month Checkup

Victor had his 6 month checkup today! He is such a little ham - every person that paid any attention to him, he's just offer them a bunch of smiles and giggles! He is nice and healthy. He has a small "thing" on his left collarbone that the doc actually had another doc look at. Neither one of them knew what it was, so she said we should see a ped dermatologist just to make sure all is ok. Normally I get that motherly instinct of something is wrong, but I don't at all this time. I'm sure it's absolutely nothing. He's such a good little boy! So happy. He can sit all by himself for long periods of time now, plus get up on his hands and knees and rock. Oh boy! Crawling is just around the corner I'm sure! Here's his stats, compared to the other two. He's QUICKLY catching up to Derrick! He was born 3 inches shorter than he was, and is now only and inch and a half shorter. Can't wait to feed these two monsters in a few years! :o)

27 inches

18# 13 oz
26.25 inches

28.5 inches

More pics to come from the weekend, as soon as Uncle Matt and G send us theres! A-hem! Hint Hint. Wink Wink :o)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hair and Pics

We finally got Eve's 3-year pics taken. I figured I'd better get them done before she turns 3 1/2 here shortly :o) Paula did a nice job! We went with the first one you'll see. But it was a hard choice! Not too many pics, but I knew once the first one was taken, I didn't need any more. It's usually how it goes with my kids :o)

www. searsportraits.com

Check 'em out!

Good thing we got them done when we did. Eve got a hold of a pair of scissors at Mom's house and had a nice time cutting her own hair. I'm so thankful she didn't cut her bangs, but she did give herself MORE bangs, took most of one side by her temple and a few chunks here and there. I'm also thankful she didn't fall while having the scissors, but she just sat on top of the bathroom counter and looked in the mirror I guess. We're still finding chunks of hair all over the house!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Tooth #8. Need I say more?

And I'm going home for the weekend! I'm so excited to get out of Mankato. I'm in desperate need of a "vacation." I've been super stressed lately, but am lots better now!

1. We found renters - and very good ones I think!
2. Ryan sold his boat
3. I'm feeling better - still tired, but at least I can eat food without getting queasy.
4. Found a ride from the cities to NR since Mom and Dad will be out of town. Thanks Sarah!
5. Heard someone is still getting married in August! ;o)
6. Did I mention I get to go home?!?!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, G!

Happy Birthday, G! We love you! Hope you are having fun at the campground. Enjoy the video when you get home!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sitting Up!!

I can't believe this milestone is here already! Here's a pic of him sitting by himself for the first time, and also the first time he's sat in the grass! He, as all babies seem to be, was not liking the sharp grass. This pic was taken two days ago. Today he did very well and was sitting for a few minutes at a time! Now off to figure out crawling. I still can't believe how much little ones learn in just a few short months. Can you imagine what we as adults could learn if we continued this timeframe of learning?!

Our other big news - we bought a boat today! I'm so excited for Ryan to start tournaments! He's so good at fishing. He studies it so much - watching videos into the wee hours of the night, sometimes all night long, studying maps of lakes, researching different lures, etc. I know he'll do well!