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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


AHHHH! I've been offline for a week! I'm going thru withdrawals, as I'm sure you are also without any updates from us :o)

Britt and Christine's wedding is finally over, and it went very well. She looked beautiful! And the kids can no longer call her "Almost Auntie Christine". We'll have to drop the "almost". The only complaint I have is that I didn't get my family picture I asked for :o( I've been waiting months for it! I was so mad!

I also survived the trip. Altho my hip is in some pretty bad pain right now. I have some heating packs and some stretching to do tonight to help it go away. I hope it works!

Enjoy the pics, I have a bunch of them! Sorry they are all over. I would accidently hit the wrong button, but it's taking forever to download them, so I didn't want to delete them and start over. Deal with it :o)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tomorrow We are Off!

Tomorrow, right from work, we'll be leaving for Indiana. I'm about 1/2 packed up. Once the kids are asleep tonight is when I'll get the other 1/2 of my packing done, with Ryan getting his done tomorrow when I'm at work. It'll be nice to have the next 5 days off from work!

So, tonight yet - I have to find a kennel for Zale. Oops. Then we'll priceline a hotel. Kids will LOVE swimming in the pool again. Pack up my clothes and shoes. And do the dishes. I'm so bummed my dishwasher broke. Oh well. It was fabulous to have one for the last few years! I'll get a new one in the new house next spring/summer time.

Ryan also started work officially today! He's selling furniture again and is really enjoying it. Today was pretty slow, but he was excited that he was kicking everyone's butt in sales :o) He's such a competitor! But when it comes down to it - it's based on commission, so he's in the best position. He'll only be at this store for 8 weeks as it is going out of business. So we'll see where he is after that!

Ok, I'd better go. I'll upload pics of this weekend if I'm able to from the inlaw's computer. We should arrive in Indiana early Thursday morning (plan is around 1-2am). Then Thursday morning I'm helping set up for the wedding. Friday is my THIRTIETH birthday! Whoa! And the wedding. So we'll see what I get to do for fun that day :o) Then the rest of the weekend to spend time with family and get some business accomplished while we are there. See you all on Sunday or Monday - not sure when we are returning!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pink Cake

I got my pink cake! I got my pink cake! I got my pink cake!

Yesterday G and Papa came for a visit. We went to the park for a picnic and I finally got the pink cake I've been telling people G was making me (before G knew she was going to have to make me one!). I ate all the pink frosting, then I said I wanted to go play. That's all I really wanted :o)

The park had fun slides and animals and birds to look at. I even saw a peacock put all his feathers up. He's a big birdie when he does that, with pretty colors.

We had fun with G and Papa. G got me 2 bags of clothes, that I had to try on until I found the shirt I wanted to wear. G also got Dirkie 2 Turtle shirts - he LOVES them! And we have some new puzzles we've been playing with all morning.

Friday, August 15, 2008


I went with Mommy to see the baby! I just wanted to talk the lady's ear off and not pay any attention to the pics of the baby. Mommy got some pics, but only one or two she likes. The pic of the baby's face is weird - looks like a skeleton. Mommy doesn't like it. She said she got a nice profile pic of both Eve and me, but this baby she didn't :o( But that's ok. Right after Christmas we'll get to see the baby anyways. The lady said our baby weighs 11 ounces! No idea what that means, but it sounds cool. We made sure to tell the lady not to tell Mommy if it's a boy or girl. I say she's having a girl. What do you think? Take a vote!

G and Papa come tomorrow, so I'm sure we'll have lots of stories for then. Then next Wednesday we leave for Gran and Grandpa's! It's been almost a year since we were at their house. Hopefully this time our truck won't get an ouie again. I think Daddy should drive this time. But don't tell Mommy I said so!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


FINALLY. I finally got Derrick into get his haircut - as you can see from previous posts, he's become a little shaggy. But look how sharp he looks now! He's like a new boy.

I also braided Eve's hair for the first time. She stood still the entire time! I put a video in and she didn't move. I'll have to remember that.

VBS and Stuff

Today we went shopping. With both kids. I need shock collars on them some days and this one was one of them. Just Eve. Derrick did well. Eve likes to run thru the clothes racks and hide. I needed a new shirt for the upcoming wedding, and a specific one - one to match in the family pics. So after looking thru tons of pinks, i didn't want to do that. I went with a black and white patterned shirt, with black pants that came with it. I fell in love with a different shirt, kind of a bunch of different polka dots all over, but it was more than the shirt and pants combined of the other one I liked. So me being the sensible one, went with a pair of pants and shirt for less. I like it tho. It's my first new outfit in a long time. Even if it is maternity. I'm looking forward to wearing it!

Derrick also got his first baseball glove! With Dad home during the day for now, he's been begging Ryan to play catch. So we bought him a glove that actually fits him now that we know he's interested in playing. It's soooooo cute! I'll get pics of it later.

Kids also went to VBS this last week and enjoyed it. This was "Preschool Bible School" as they thought they were going back to the previos Bible School from the week before. And this second VBS was at the church Derrick went to preschool at. I have lots of pics from that - so enjoy! I'll also record them singing their Bible School songs - it's stinking cute! One part the kids all yell AMEN! and Eve can't quite do it - so she yells, AH-YAH! It's nicknamed the Karate Jesus song :o)

Monday, August 11, 2008

7 Years!

Today we are celebrating our 7th Wedding Anniversary! Lucky 7 - so this should be our best year yet, right? :o)

I have lots of pics to add. But need to run to work. So I'll upload them at a later time.

Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


The kids found my glasses from when I was 16. Don't ask why I still had them, or where they ever found them! Eve liked them upsidedown.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

18 Weeks

18 weeks now. I went shopping for a new shirt for work, my doesn't really cover me if I have to grab something above me. But, I really couldn't find one. Won't spend full price on a shirt I'll only wear for a few months :o) I have a different one I can wear for now, but I'm sure in a month or so, I'll have to keep an eye out for some cheapy ones. Or I'll just head to the women's section and buy an XL shirt. We'll see :o)

Baby is about 5 1/2 inches now, and 7 ounces. Moving around like crazy, but I don't feel a lot of it. Thank goodness, it will be soon enough when this little one will be so big I can't breath (Derrick) or grabbing one of my ribs (Eve).

Gran thinks it's a boy (she really hasn't been wrong in her life). That's what I feel it is. And it will be nice to use some of those baby clothes of Derrick's that he outgrew after wearing it once or twice!

When I was shopping today, I took Eve with me. We went thru the baby clothes and picked out one boy outfit and one girl outfit. Ok, she picked it out. She was excited. Until she saw a Dora dress and said we had to buy it "for the baby" :o) Sure Eve.

Derrick likes to say how big my belly is getting. "Mommy, your belly is getting SOOO BIIIG!" Thanks for pointing that out Dirkie. But he knows that my belly has to get "super big" before the baby comes.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Gran's surgery went very well! It was a long one tho - 6 hours. Grandpa said the doc came out smiling - so that's a great thing! She's also going home TODAY already. The kids made her a present I was hoping would make it to her before the surgery, but their mail takes a few extra days to get thru Chicago/Gary or something. So hopefully it's there for when she gets home today.

The kids have been playing remarkably well today. I didn't fall asleep until after 1am (I closed again at work), and I didn't get up until just before 10am! I was pooped. I was afraid I'd come downstairs to a huge mess. But they were just playing nicely.

This past week they were at VBS and LOVED it! Eve was even able to go and she had a wonderful time, especially with all the singing. They keep asking to go back. I hope we are able to send him to preschool this fall. But we'll see. Eve could also start in January, which would be great after the baby comes to be able to have one less child for a few hours during the day while I get used to 3 kids under 4 in my house! :o)