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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Father-Son Picture Finalists

I had some more fun with the pics of Ryan and Dirk. I think these are the ones I'm going to go with :o)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

9 Months Old!!

Where did the time go?!

Check out Victor's pics we just had taken!

login - carriezeldenrust@yahoo.com
password - carebear

I chose pic #6. It was a tough decision this time around. There is one where he is standing up with the perfect smile! But his pants are bunched up in an area I didn't want pointed out, if you get what I mean! :o) And they were not able to crop the picture without it looking "pixel-y". Oh well, I like the one I chose.

WOW! Seriously! 9 months old! Here are the milestones he's accomplished so far in his young life...

8 teeth
1 molar (although I should check tonight to see if that second one finally broke thru!)
Crawling too fast
Pulls himself to a standing position
Standing and walking around furniture (AH!)
Holds a bottle all by himself, can self feed (SO NICE!) cheerios or bits of cheese, etc.
Can climb one stair, but luckily stops there!
Babbling - mamama, dadada
"Dances" to music - the cutest thing! I have to catch this on video for you!
Is very good at opening the drawer containing lids, removing them, and dispersing them all over the kitchen floor
Great cuddler (when he's tired, otherwise he's too interested in what the kids are doing to stay with Mom)
Best squealer since Eve
Very happy boy! I totally love this little guy!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Video of Victor

Having Fun with Effects :o)


Ryan went up to Walgreen's last night to pick up a movie from Redbox. There was a gal behind him that was looking over his shoulder at the movies, practically on him. Here's the conversation...

R - Recommend any movies?
G - (Looking up to him) I Love You, Man.
R - Well, thanks! But that's not what I meant.
G - Um, I meant the movie, "I Love You, Man."
R - Oh. :o)

LOL! Ahahahahaha! Too cute!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Eve Singing

I decided to take a video of Eve singing. What drama. Excuse the lack of clothes, they were supposed to have gotten their pjs on, but got sidetracked and started coloring.

In case you can't here - Dirk mentions "hotel". Eve ends up saying, "Hotel? That's where Gran lives!"


I figured since I give -isms for the other kids, I should give you one of Victor. Here is a "conversation" between Victor and myself :o)

M - Hi, Baby! (I just got home from work) How's my boy?
M - Oh really? Is that so?
M - Ok, that's enough, Pterodactyl Boy.
M - Cool it.
V - Mamamamamamamamama
M - :o)

Victor Pics

He's not a big fan of the play pen, but here he was having a little bit of fun.
I just get a kick out of this pic. Not sure what he's doing, but I think it's cute!

He HATES laying on the floor to get his diaper changed. This is the happiest I've seen him since before he learned to move while getting a clean diaper on.

Derrick-ism & Evie-ism

The other day, I had all three kids and we were walking Dirk to the bus stop. Dirk had picked up one of those green and black nuts that look like little apples, walnuts??? Anyways, here's the conversation...

D - Mom, look! I found a coconut!
E - A cookie nut?! Yummy!
M - A coconut, Eve.
E - Oh.
M - Actually, Dirk, that is a walnut. And it's turning black, so it's yucky. Throw it in the grass. (I know it doesn't go bad, but I didn't need him carrying that onto the school bus and getting his clothes all dirty, etc.)
D - Where do coconuts come from?
M - A coconut tree.
D - Oh. (You can just see the little wheels in his head turning, and catching the ideas of apples to apple trees, and oranges to orange trees, etc.)

Jeez. She's such a sweet person! LOL! That girl and her chocolate.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So, we're having dinner...

E - Eve and Steve rhyme, right?
M - Yes they do.
D - What else rhymes with Eve?
M - Leave.
E - What else?
M - Sleeve.
D - What else rhymes with Eve?
(drawing a blank by now!)
M - Weave.
E - What else?
Dad - Believe.
E - What? What's "bleeve?
M - Believe. It's like - We know God is here, but we can't see Him, right? So we believe He is there.
D - Oh yeah? We can't see Him or hear Him. (Victor SQUEALS really loud) I bet God can hear VICTOR!

LOL :o)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

First Molar!

Yep, that's right! My 8 1/2-month-old had his first molar break thru yesterday! He's been working on it for a few weeks now, and it FINALLY broke. He did pretty good with this tooth, now that he's old enough to chew on things.

He's also been pulling himself up to a standing position so he can grab everything that's "out of his reach". He's growing up too fast!

I meant to take lots of pics yesterday, as Ryan was at a tournament, but he took the camera with to take pics of the fish he was going to catch. So, we'll try to do that today :o)

Ryan and Nate didn't place yesterday :o( Nate's motor wasn't working well, and we'll just leave it at that. Hopefully next year WE will have a boat Ryan can use that's reliable so he can place in all the tournaments! He's already looking forward to next spring when the tournaments start up again!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Victor's Stats

WOW! I've been bad about updating the last 2 weeks! So sorry!

Victor had his 8-9 month checkup yesterday morning. And this is bad, I didn't get his stats written down and now I forgot! I know he was at least 29 inches, as they mentioned he grew more than 2 inches in 2 months, so that much I know. And I remember that his weight was XX pounds and 10 ounces. What a horrible mommy I am! I'll have to call up there and bug them, or just get them in December when I bring him in for his *gulp* ONE YEAR checkup! Man, that's coming quickly. Otherwise, he's nice and healthy. We will be going forward with the surgery to remove his brachial cleft cyst. I just need to clarify some info with the insurance, and then get it all set up for January. We'd like to wait until he's at least one since he'll have general anesthesia. That just doesn't settle well with me, but, the doc really recommends getting it taken care of before it causes problems. Which I agree with. I just don't like it!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Here's a conversation I had with Dirk after school today...

M - So, Dirk, what are some names of kids that are in your class?
D - I don't know. Grant got to be the leader today.
M - Oh yeah? One day the teacher will let you be the leader.
D - Yeah.
M - I remember there was a girl named Elyse in your class.
D - Yep. She sits next to me! I like her.
M - Oh really?
D - Yep. Her hair is as high as Evie's. (Eve has short hair, not long hair now lol)
M - Yeah? What color is it?
D - It's lighter than Eve's.
M - Like blonde?
D - Yep!
M - Is she a cutie pie?
D - No, she's a pretty pie. (He had a cute grin on his face!)

I KNEW she'd be blonde. He's had a thing for blondes since he was 15 months old! Too cute! I can't wait to see this little girl tomorrow when I drop Dirk off for school! Maybe I'll be "That Mom" and bring a camera lol!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


AH! I have a Kindergartener! He had a pretty good day. He's stubborn like his mom :o) He's friendly like his dad. And he refused to drink milk. He made a cute little raccoon out of a bag. And during "Quiet Time" some other kids tried to talk, and he told them "Shhh. It's quiet time." Good boy, Dirk!

Playground Fun

Eve and Victor had a chance to play on the indoor playground while Ryan looked at books in Barnes and Noble. They had fun!

Happy Birthday, Gran!

We love you, Gran! Here's some pics from the hotel when we saw you. We ask to go back there all the time!

Luv, Dirk, Eve and Victor