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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Tonight, I took the boys with me to go get a few Poorboy Sandwiches and Subway Sandwiches for dinner. I had a chat with Dirk after Christmas that he had to start having some kinds of vegetables on his sandwiches or I was never going to buy him Subway again. We compromised on Spinach. After trying it, he said he really liked it because he couldn't taste it. :D Works for me! So we are on our way home from Subway and Victor is holding the bag...

V - Mom, I don't want trees on my sammich.
M- Trees?
V - Yeah. I don't like to eat leaves.
M - ???
V - Mom, I don't want leaves, ok? Just cheese.
M - Oh, you don't want spinach?
V - No, no leaves, ok? Just cheese on my sammich.

lol :D


A few weeks ago, I forgot to post this, we were at Church and the kids went up for the Children's Sermon. At our Church, Pastor D has a little helper called "Elmo" who is a hand puppet that pops out of a gift bag and the kids love him. This sermon had to do with being in the presence of God by praying...

Pastor D asked Elmo if he's ever been in God's presence.


Victor looked around all excited like he was about to open more Christmas or birthday presents. The congregation also had a good chuckle at his comment.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eve's Birthday Pics

She's a little excited it's her birthday. Just a bit.

Such a happy birthday girl!

Pretty birthday girl

I baked the cupcakes right into the ice cream cones. Then frosted them with pudding frosting and topped with sprinkles. Eve loved them!

Slippers from Victor

Barbie poodles from Mom and Dad

Rapunzel from Dirk

Dirk won a book this summer, he didn't like any of the book choices for himself, so he grabbed a Clifford book to give to Eve for her birthday - What a nice big brother!

She closed her eyes after we sang to her and made a wish before blowing out her candle. So cute!

Princess Squinkies from Grandpa!! The kids had a blast with these today. Syllie especially loves to steal her big sis' toys!

A pink, Barbie Unicorn from Mom and Dad.

Of course she dove her face into the cupcake to get frosting on her nose.

Eve with her birthday balloons.


Dirk showing off that the cupcake was baked all the way into his ice cream cone.


Eve's trying to kiss her lol

Haha - Love this look

Yes, he's in a sweater and undies. But, hey! He's smiling and looking near the camera. That's gotta count for something, right?

Playing with the Squinkies from Grandpa - Syllie also gave Eve some Squinkies, I thought I uploaded that pic. Oops. The kids love these!

Eve checking out the desserts at Applebee's.

Dad and Daughter :D

Eve's birthday dessert at Applebee's. You should have seen "The Look" we received when Ryan and I tried taking a bite. Then you should have seen the sugar high she had within minutes of eating almost ALL of this herself! She was bouncing around!

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Happy Birthday, Eve!

Born 1-29-2006
9lbs 10oz
21 inches

1st Birthday!

2nd Birthday!

3rd Birthday!

4th Birthday!

5th Birthday!

Our little princess is 6 years old today!
And yes, she is wearing the same shirt two years in a row. She had to dig thru her drawers until she found her "Cupcake" shirt, I guess it's a good thing I didn't give that one away!

Happy Birthday, Evelyn Marie! There's never a dull moment in our home because of you :D

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Papa!

Happy Birthday, Dad! We miss you and talk about you so often. Today, I asked the kids what kind of party you were having in Heaven or what you'd be doing today. They said that you were fishing today. I asked who you'd be fishing with, and they said, "Jesus!" They said you'd be teaching Him how to fish :D

So, in the birthday boy's honor...

For Dinner, we had Goldfish shaped bread for sandwiches. I had roast beef, with spinach and some pepperjack cheese, with some popcorn on the side. It was good. The kids got a big kick out of it! They had other meats and cheeses though lol

We also made cupcakes for Papa! The kids loved these, with a fishing theme of course :D

Oops, Eve had to put a note next to hers. She put extra spinach on it so it had a top fin and bottom fin.