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Monday, September 29, 2008

4-year-old Reasoning

Yesterday Derrick and I went shopping for some groceries. On the way, the song "Big Girls Don't Cry" came on the radio. After a few verses, Derrick said to me: "Mommy. Big girls don't cry. Ok? So you can't cry any more. The truck says so."

:o) The truck says so. Too cute! And he had an interesting story on why I can't cry anymore. I asked him when I cry and he made up some story. Kids.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Here's some pics from Josie and Emily!

One-year ago today, we had our accident. We're very thankful that we had very few injuries (ones that healed quickly), and that we found a new vehicle we love!

I'm now 26 weeks. WOW! Only 13 to go! (I get to knock off 1 week since they are scheduling the day so I don't go into labor.) Since I have HUGE babies, maybe I can talk her into going even earlier, before Christmas. But we'll see ;o) Feeling pretty good, except for my hip, especially after my closing shifts. Ready to fall asleep right now, but I'm getting used to needing some extra down time/rest/sleep.

Emily came over to play (you can "meet" her in some pics below) today with the kids so Josie and I could go look at some houses. It was soooo fun! Especially laughing at the house where the kitchen had no sink and had a urinal. NEW house. Not some old run-down house, one in the Tour of Homes. Crazy! But we got some good laughs. And some good ideas for our future homes. Eve was NOT ok with there being another kid in the house to play with her toys, Ryan said she was incredibly jealous of Emily. Derrick loved having her around, showing her toys, etc. So, just as he was with Eve, he'll be a very good Big Brother to the new baby. Eve is the one that probably won't take it so well. She's the baby, and makes sure everyone knows that!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Camera!

Ok I don't have the new camera yet, but I've been saving my fun $ for weeks now and I have enough saved up to finally get one! I appreciated that my mom and dad gave me their old one, but it just doesn't take pics like I'd like it to - NOW! With two kids, I need something that takes pics when I push the button. And one that will take a video longer than 15 seconds. I really miss taking videos of them talking. They have the goofiest stories.

The library visit today went much better than the last. They agreed pretty quickly on a video, and they found lots of books they wanted. Since we go there every other day practically, I limit their books to one each. But with this whole new section of books, I let them have more. They are enjoying "reading" them as I type. Sort of. Now they are swinging stuff around. So that didn't last long. Can't wait for them to learn to read on their own. I'm not into reading that much, but I think when they are more into chapter books and not so much just picture books, I'll enjoy it more. I'm reading the 5 Minute Bible Stories to them every night - one chapter each night. And I like that. They get restless, but they know that's the only book I'll read to them before bedtime.

I also found a daycare that will take the kids on a "drop-in" status. I only need someone on Tuesdays over the lunch hour. I'm still waiting to hear back from a friend of mine to see if she can take them. So we'll see who we go with. I also need a sitter every Friday from 4 til Ryan's done with work - usually around 5-515. So less than 6 hours a week I need someone, but it's been hard to find :o( Without paying for a full 50 hours a week! I can't imagine having my kids in daycare full-time. There are many days I wouldn't mind shipping them off, but I'd want them back the next day. And it will be all too soon when Derrick enters kindergarten and is gone all day. I can't believe it's less than a year away already. Time to teach him to write his letters! We have a bunch of books he loves to go thru - fun games on top, lines to write on the bottom of each page. He's more into the game parts, obviously. But he has written a few numbers and letters very well. He can write his name, but not so well yet. And only if you write it first, then he writes it below. He's so smart, as soon as I put the time and effort into really showing him how to do it, I know he'll catch on. He's great at drawing and coloring (and staying within the lines!). It's one of his favorite things to do!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Last night I could hardly sleep :o( I think the baby grew, and my lungs weren't ready for it. It was hard to breathe all night, and most of the day - just couldn't seem to get a full, deep breath in. Yes, I have three more months to go! This one might end up bigger like Derrick, we'll just have to see. I don't remember this with Eve. But then again, I don't remember much of Eve's pregnancy. Now it's going better.

I also had my first therapy appt yesterday. My left leg/side is week, hense all the pain and stiffness when I walk most of the time. I was given certain exercises to do to help get some stability back. I tried to do the exercises, but it requires me to lay on the floor and it's incredibly painful to lay on the hard floor on my lowback/tailbone. I have another appt tomorrow. I'm sure this will all be better in a few weeks. It feels ok to do some of the exercises, but when I am supposed to relax in between reps, that's the part that hurts. I should get a mat or something. That might just help.

I took the kids to the library today to get a new movie. But the deal with them the last few times we've gone, they BOTH have to agree on a movie. I'm trying to get them to compromise every now and again. DID NOT WORK TODAY! Derrick was bound and determined to get his Strawberry Shortcake movie, not the Strawberry movie Eve picked out. Screaming, yelling (on his part) in the nice, quiet library. Yeah, not so fun. The library has this big fountain with huge rocks surrounding it, and Derrick kept running around them, crying that he wanted his movie, not listening to me one bit aobut giving me the movie, be quiet, etc. Not fun. And pretty embarrassing. I loaded them in the truck after I caught him (hard to threaten a child in front of everyone), buckled them in, and then went back and got movies for me. Derrick was mad. He went straight to bed when we got home. He only acts like that when he is super tired. Which he was. They are both growing, and need naps during the day, at least every other day. I hope tomorrow is better. And their schedules have changed, with Ryan's new job, me still working. They want to spend time with both of us, and we haven't quite figured out how to do that. It's getting better, mostly on my part to make sure they get more cuddle time in and play time with Mom.

Ryan's had a few rough days at work, but that's what happens with sales. I'm sure his day is coming soon with some good sales! I think he still enjoys it more than Security, so as long as he is happy, I'm happy. :o)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Old School

Ha! A friend of mine, Ashley, uploaded this pic to facebook. Had to put it on here. Gave me a good chuckle. Ryan and I are going to get a printer/scanner/faxer/everything-er in a few weeks, so I'll be able to scan old photos and newspaper clippings also. So be forewarned.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Well, it's been almost a year since our car accident. I went into the chiropractor today and said that I'm still having problems with my hips. Hard to explain, but there are many days a week that when I walk, it's like a nerve is getting pinched or my muscles are so tight that it's actually painful and difficult to walk. I suffer thru it, like I've done with any injury in my life. But I'm getting annoyed with it bcuz I'm not able to work as much as I'd like to on closing shifts. So, Dr. Paula suggested we do some physical therapy to get some stability back in my hips. I'm up for anything right now. Just sitting here I can feel a knot in my butt. I've tried doing several stretches a day, but at times I can't get my leg to move to get back up. Something's going on and I'm giving into going in for help. With baby on the way, it may only get worse if I don't get it figured out. Hopefully it's something simple, a certain stretch or exercise I am not currently doing that will heal me up!

Kids have been going to be so much better lately now that one falls asleep in our room, and the other in their room. Kind of a pain to do that and it may be a hard habit to break later, but I'll take any nights without fights at bedtime any way I can!

We went to the library yesterday and the kids picked out a couple of videos. They are currently in the Barbie Nutcracker movie. Derrick picked out a Land Before Time video, which I really like. All the Land movies have had some sort of theme in it to reinforce in the kids, this one is listening to their parents. And when I asked Derrick what the movie was about, he said that! I was impressed he understood. AND he listened very well yesterday. I made sure to comment on that to him that I like it when he listens to me the FIRST time I tell him to do something.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Goodbye, Marcie!

We had a nice time saying Goodbye to Marcie! She leaves tonight :o( I can't wait to hear all of her stories and see some good pics from England soon.

Now meet the Powers Family:

Papa, Derrick, G and Eve.

All us girls - Sarah, Me, Marcie and Megan

Us original kids - Me, Matt, Marcie and Scott.

Uncle Scottie giving BOTH kids a piggy ride.

Derrick vs the Treadmill.

The Grandkids and Soon-to-be Grandkids:
Eve, Derrick, Kyrsten and Jeremy

Derrick, Ryan, Me, Eve - Best family pic I have.

Matt and Megan

ALMOST all of us.
Ryan, Derrick, Me, Eve
Marcie (missing Daryl)
Matt and Megan
Mom and Dad/G and Papa
Scott, Jeremy, Sarah and Kyrsten

Scott, Jeremy, Sarah and Kyrsten
(Scott and Sarah are FINALLY engaged!
Now hopefully it won't be 7 years before a wedding)

The original sisters

The kids loved being at G and Papa's. So did Zale - he got to do some much needed running. We didn't get a lot of time to spend there, less than 6 hours, but the kids were happy they got to play with G's toys and take some fruit snacks home. They are already asking to go back! Unfortunately, it was raining most of the time, but we still let the kids play around in the light mist for a few minutes to get rid of some energy before heading home.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Marcie's Going Away Party

Can't believe Marcie leaves on Monday already. She'll be studying in England for this school year. So we'll head back to good ol' NR and have a little party. I hear Pizza Hut pizza is the menu item of choice for her last meal. Sounds good to me! :o)

I'm doing well. Tired, but keeping up. We have lots of meetings all over the place, but we are having lots of fun! I'm still working like normal. I'll keep that up as long as I can. Makes this pregnancy go by faster!

Ryan is keeping busy between both furniture stores. He's doing very well at sales! I like hearing how well he's doing every day. He has some fun competitions with fellow coworkers to get them to sell more. We'll have a busy month in October, as he has only one day off, and that's the day he goes to Omaha.

Kids are also doing great. Eve is talking everyone's ear off that will give her any ounce of attention. Her vocabulary is increasing more and more. But she's caught a few phrases from something on a video that I didn't know was on there and therefore I have my work cut out to teach her not to say it. She's still not always sleeping thru the night and usually ends up in our bed every other night. I never cared when Ryan was working overnights, but three's a crowd now.

Derrick seems to also be learning by leaps and bounds. I wish we could have had him in preschool this fall, but wintertime will be just fine. He has a number of preschool books that we go thru to learn how to write numbers and letters. He also learned how to draw stick figures! It's so neat - he only draws his Turtles, but it's a start. I'll have to get him to draw one on paper instead of our chalkboard so I can keep a copy of it.

Well, I'd better go. Need to find a sitter for tonight and tomorrow night yet. Why do I keep waiting until the last minute?

Saturday, September 6, 2008


We have a birthdate for this baby! No I'm not telling, you'll just have to keep an eye out after Christmas. :o)

Doc appt went well today. Measuring well, which is a change from the other two! Baby's heartrate is in the 150s. Kids got a kick out of going to the doc like the other times. They just like talking someone new's ear off I think!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Gran!

Happy Birthday, Gran!! We love you!

We finally decided on insurance last night. Nothing like waiting until the last second, almost literally! We needed it to start today. So we are all covered, and we'll hopefully never have to use it. But it's there just in case. And I'm glad it's finally taken care of.

I'm about 22 weeks now. Can't believe how fast this one is going by. Baby is pretty calm. I hardly feel him/her kick, and when I do, it's not much. I know that can change, but I'm soooooo hoping this baby is more like Ryan than me, I can't take another one like me - I've already got 2!

Derrick has been doing summersaults all night. Oh, excuse me. "Turtle Rolls" is what he's calling them. He is so into the Ninja Turtles it's crazy!

Eve's pronounciation is getting so much better. She will talk your ear off, be forewarned if you ever come in contact with her. All I want is peace and quiet and I never get it if that girl is awake. I feel bad for her teachers already. But it's fun talking to her and getting her perspective on things.

I bought a new vacuum as ours hasn't really worked for such a long period of time I don't even want to tell you. I'm looking forward to it's arrival so I can get this house clean! The kids and I spent 45 minutes in the basement separating out the toys and picking them up. Sad part is I'm only about 1/4 of the way done. Well, maybe more since I spent most of the time picking up legos. The rest should go by quicker - just chuck the toys in the toybox! Or the garbage. My choice :o)