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Friday, August 26, 2011


Victor lost his grip on a balloon he received today and it flew up into the air. This is the story he told Ryan...

V - Daddy, I dropped my balloon. It in the sky. I can't reach it.
R - Oh, no.
V - Papa will get it.

And that was that. He didn't fuss over not having his balloon any more, because Papa would get it for him. :D I don't remember ever telling him Papa was "up in the sky" like that. He's such a good boy.


Last week, Sarah and I took a little mommy vacation to Denver, Colorado to visit Jon and Candace, and little Charlotte. I had an amazing time. I've now seen the ocean and the mountains, and the mountains by far are my favorite. So beautiful. So majestic. I cannot wait to go back. It was the perfect little getaway, and I am so thankful for Jon and Candace's hospitality, and for Charlotte letting us sleep in her big girl bed :D

Charlotte painted my toenails. You should have seen the end result lol Looked like all my toes were bleeding :D

Some river

I took a pic of pink flowers for Eve.

The Lord is always shining down on us :D

I like this pic as it shows how big these "small" mountains are.

I've never seen a rainbow so thick. It was beautiful.

Me at the Balancing Rock.

Garden of the Gods was beautiful

The "Big Airplane " at the entrance of the Air Force Academy. B-52. Incredible to see in person.

Stained glass windows in the Air Force Academy Chapel. With mountain views.

The organ in the Chapel. Stunning.

Cool Chapel - interesting. Very interesting looking.

Air Force Academy Chapel - How awesome is that?

Playground Fun

Sprinkler Fun

Sleeping Victor

Ryan found Victor sleeping :D

Harley Puzzle

Harley puzzle we put together for Dad :D
From Brian Bartelt for Christmas several years ago - Thanks, Brian :D


The rock up at Hatfield, Field 3, First Baseline

Uncle Matt "Watering the Tree", or the kids lol

Uncle Matt showing Victor how to squirt the hose.

Uncle Matt squirting Victor lol

July Fourth

OMGOSH I cannot believe I haven't updated this in 2 months - What is wrong with me? I'm so sorry :D