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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sick Sick Sick

Wow. It's been years since we've all been sick like this. Colds are one thing, but this got ridiculous! I've been battling this for almost a month now. It comes and goes. I'm loading up on water, vitamins and lots of rest and it's slowly helping. A few days ago Ryan gave me a massage for almost 2 hours! It was fantastic - he's never done that! AND I didn't even ask - that's the best part! Afterwards, I could breathe again. I still coughed like crazy, but not quite as bad. I've been getting better ever since - Thanks, Ryan!

The kids also caught whatever it was I had :o( Now they just have the cough, and not near as bad as I had it. But I make sure they also get lots of vitamins and water, and sleep - but how do you get two little kids to take naps who haven't in years? :o)

Dirk learned something pretty cool, but I can't tell you yet bcuz he has to show Gran in person. We were supposed to meet them tomorrow to celebrate Christmas, but Gran can't be by us if we are ill. So we had to postpone :o( The kids were so excited for their presents - they keep wanting to open them. And Eve is SUPER excited for a Christmas tree (I'll tell that story later why we don't have one). But she called Gran yesterday and said she had to come here and decorate it with Eve. So we'll see :o)

I'll take pics later and share them - I charged the batteries last night!

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