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Friday, April 23, 2010


So, I snuck out the tub of ice cream, and she caught me...

C - Wanna have ice cream for lunch?

E - YES!

After a few bites, Eve was about to say that she loved ice cream more than God, but she corrected herself.

C - We don't love anything more than God, right?

E - Nope. God has MAGIC!

C - Oh yeah, what are your favorite things He makes with His magic?

E - Ice cream...and Kyrsten...and Clifford the Big Red Dog......AND STARBURST!

Ryan came down from his shower, so I told him the previous conversation.

R - Don't you love Daddy? God made Daddy.

E - Nope.

R - You know, Mom's on her way to work, and you're stuck home all day with Daddy, if you don't love Daddy, you'll have to take a nap all day. You want to change your answer?

E - Nope.

Little stinker!

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