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Friday, August 26, 2011


Last week, Sarah and I took a little mommy vacation to Denver, Colorado to visit Jon and Candace, and little Charlotte. I had an amazing time. I've now seen the ocean and the mountains, and the mountains by far are my favorite. So beautiful. So majestic. I cannot wait to go back. It was the perfect little getaway, and I am so thankful for Jon and Candace's hospitality, and for Charlotte letting us sleep in her big girl bed :D

Charlotte painted my toenails. You should have seen the end result lol Looked like all my toes were bleeding :D

Some river

I took a pic of pink flowers for Eve.

The Lord is always shining down on us :D

I like this pic as it shows how big these "small" mountains are.

I've never seen a rainbow so thick. It was beautiful.

Me at the Balancing Rock.

Garden of the Gods was beautiful

The "Big Airplane " at the entrance of the Air Force Academy. B-52. Incredible to see in person.

Stained glass windows in the Air Force Academy Chapel. With mountain views.

The organ in the Chapel. Stunning.

Cool Chapel - interesting. Very interesting looking.

Air Force Academy Chapel - How awesome is that?

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