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Thursday, September 1, 2011

More Birthday Pics

Pretty sure she's excited :D

Sisterly love. They aren't related at all are they?

Smiling at Dad - Can I really eat this?

First touch.

Diving in with the spoon all by herself.

Cherry frosting. She didn't like it or hate it. She wasn't really sure what to think of that flavor.


She loved looking at it.
It is INCREDIBLY humid here, and our a/c isn't working well. So unfortunately, this giant cupcake of a cake's frosting just melted off.

Enjoying a taste.

Getting to that "I've had enough sugar now" right before she starts thinking she is just a ball of energy, and then a sugar crash :D

Grandpa sent money to go buy her something. We bought a giant giraffe looking thing she picked out, and this outfit that we thought Gran would approve of :D

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Karen Coram said...

What great pictures, glad to see she had a great birthday. Thinking of her and her Grandma today. Keep up the pictures, I love seeing your family.