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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Tonight, I took the boys with me to go get a few Poorboy Sandwiches and Subway Sandwiches for dinner. I had a chat with Dirk after Christmas that he had to start having some kinds of vegetables on his sandwiches or I was never going to buy him Subway again. We compromised on Spinach. After trying it, he said he really liked it because he couldn't taste it. :D Works for me! So we are on our way home from Subway and Victor is holding the bag...

V - Mom, I don't want trees on my sammich.
M- Trees?
V - Yeah. I don't like to eat leaves.
M - ???
V - Mom, I don't want leaves, ok? Just cheese.
M - Oh, you don't want spinach?
V - No, no leaves, ok? Just cheese on my sammich.

lol :D

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