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Monday, March 19, 2012

First Playground Trip this Year

We had the kids run around the school playground last week on our first beautiful day of the year :D

Victor loved yelling into this tube and hoped someone on the other end would hear him. But the other kids were too busy running around.

He loved swinging on this bar. For a few minutes...

Then he freaked out :D I'm such a mean mom for taking a pic of him screaming.

Victor thought he was such a big boy for being able to go up the curly stairs. Last year I wouldn't let him by himself.

Dirk and Eve showing off their rock climbing skills.

Victor couldn't quite figure out why these things moved around when he tried climbing up on them. He really had to figure out how to balance. Didn't take him long.

Not sure I like the fact that my kids are monkeys and climb up to the tops of things. I just took a pic and walked away. If I don't see them way up high, then they are safe, right? lol

Miss Syllie - such a big girl now. Walking up the stairs by herself.

Eve holding Sylvia and about to race Victor down the "Little Slide".

Peek-a-boo - I see you :D

Victor and Syllie - I set her down and said "Go" and she was off and running to the playground. Her first time on a playground since last fall and she was excited.

And Dirk showing off how high he can climb on the monkey bars. Mom wasn't a fan of watching him flip around upside down. Freaks me out. So again, I just took a pic and walked away. I know I can't make them not try crazy things, I did as a kid. I just don't want to watch lol

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