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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas...Round 1

Whoops, I thought I uploaded them in the right order.  Start from the bottom and scroll up :)
Making a face for the camera in her new Elmo PJs

Boys playing with their new stash of Legos

Syllie playing with her new kitty and Eve with her horse

Victor with his Darth Vader

Very excited for what's in the box!

Dirk's been asking and asking for this movie!

Eve and Baby Butterscotch
Eve's also wearing her "nightshades" that came with her new nightgown

She was squealing when she saw her kitty!

Showing the kitty some love

Very excited!

Dirk and his General Grievous helmet

He didn't want to look at all until the present was completely open

Her new horse pjs!

He was SO excited for this, he wouldn't stop talking about it!

Sylvia loves Elmo.  This one sings lullabies to her :)

Starting to freak out because she can see it's Elmo
but can't get the box open!

Muscle Woman

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