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Sunday, November 9, 2008

No Love for Mom

So Friday I met Mom to pass the kids along for a fun weekend at G and Papa's house. They see Mom, jump into her car, sat down (no car seats were in yet), grabbed a fruit snack (they know G always has those for them!) and didn't think twice about saying goodbye to me :o( I'm glad they love G and Papa - but come on kids! Give Mom a hug and a kiss goodbye! Little turds, I had to ask them I don't know how many times, and it wasn't until G said, "Tell Mom bye" that they looked up for a second and said the quickest "BYE!" I think I've ever heard! I was kind of stunned. Little disappointed. But I know they just don't get enough of going to G and Papa's house that they were like - get lost Mom! I'm glad they are so comfortable and willing to go for a weekend away from me.

So then I called later and wanted to talk to them on the phone. Did they want to - they actually said "No" when G asked them to say hi to me! I see how I rate! :o) But they are having fun. Which is good. And I'm not accomplishing anything here since Ryan ended up staying here this weekend :o( That sounds mean, but I had so much on my to do list since this was my one and only weekend scheduled with no hubby and no kids since I had Derrick. Oh well. What can you do? So, I've dropped my list down to doing only two things today - putting all the kids' clothes away that don't fit into the right buckets, and cleaning the living room. I have 4 hours to accomplish this, as I work at 5. So, a quick call to see if the kids still don't miss Mom, then I'm off to get my mini list done! I want to post pics of the house soon, just to share how we've moved things around, painted, decorated, etc. So, it will probably be one room at a time, but I want physical proof that my house is clean...at times :o)

OH! About SEVEN weeks to go! SEVEN! And I'll have 3 kids 4 1/2 and under. AAAHHH! :o)

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