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Thursday, March 25, 2010


A few days ago, I caught Eve chewing on her hair. (ICK!) Not exactly sure how to get her to stop, so I kinda fibbed.

M - Evie, don't chew on your hair! If you eat your hair, it goes into your belly, and you'll get a hairy belly.


M - How much hair do you think Daddy ate?

E - Lots!

So, yesterday I told Ryan about this, and he shook his head and asked why I set her up like that. I knew it would either backfire horribly, or a great Eve-ism would come out of it.

So, today...

E - Daddy, you must have eating A LOT of hair as a kid!

R - What? What are you talking about?

E - When you eat hair, it goes to your belly, and you have a REALLY hairy belly, Daddy!

R - Thanks, Eve.

LOL! Gotta love that little girl AHAHAHAHAHA!

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