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Monday, March 1, 2010

Dad's Birthday and Valentine's Cookies

Oops, this has nothing to do with a birthday or Valentine's,
it's just one cute Victor in his crib :o)

Eve loving her cookie mix!

Oh boy. He LOVES cupcakes.
Actually, just the frosting.
He's such a little Eve!
She only eats the frosting also!

Dirk showing off his masterpieces.

And Eve posing just so I can say
it's time to eat the "muffin".
I've finally got my camera hooked up to the computer and working so you can see some pics of the kids. Cupcakes are from Dad's birthday last Monday - the kids had fun decorating them, and also eating them! Gran sent some sugar cookies to make and decorate for Valentine's Day, so you can see them also. The kids love sugar! Especially Victor. He doesn't get it often, but when he sees it, he knows he wants some!

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