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Monday, June 14, 2010

"Dee" and "Boppa"

Mom and Dad came down for a "Kid Fix" yesterday. We went to their favorite park, right next to church. They had a lot of fun! Today, Victor walked around looking, and calling for "Dee" and "Boppa". He wasn't scared of them at all this time! He finally remembers who they are :o)
Who was having more fun, the kids? or Papa?

I can't begin to say how much Victor loves being outside.
He loves to try and catch birds - he sneaks up VERY well on them!
Or bark at dogs as they are walked by.

What I wouldn't do in order to have a set like this in a big back yard for this boy.

This is the "M" as Eve calls it.

She's climbing up the right hump of the "M".

I stopped watching them as they do this.

I don't want to see them fall. And I know I can't stop them from climbing!

Victor loves the slide.

He goes down backwards, on his belly.

With HUGE smiles :o)

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