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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Children's Museum

We both got a Sunday off a few weeks ago, which is very rare for us to have a weekend day off. We took advantage of this and met Uncle Scottie, Auntie Sarah, Jeremy, Kyrsten and G at the Children's Museum to check out the Grossology exhibit. I'm not sure who had more fun, my kids, their cousins or Uncle Scottie :D

Captain Dirk

Dirk yelling at the passengers in the bus lol

Victor loved the water area

Syllie and G had fun building spinning wheel combinations

Construction worker Victor lol

Dirk painted his face

Syllie spent most of the time in her stroller and one worker had a frog puppet to entertain her for a bit.

Eve became a turtle. She loved that.

Yeah, pretty sure the burp machine was really popular haha. So gross.

Eve painted her face. lol Zombie Eve
I don't think she thought it was so crazy looking.

Eve climbing the tooth wall

Victor of course got a kick out of the fart machine

Playing the giant Operation game

Dirk climbing the zit and wart wall

Not a chance I wasn't going to not catch Eve climbing on everything lol

We had a great time. I definitely want to take the kids again next year :D

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