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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Eve's Birthday Party

Eve had her birthday party with her friends yesterday.  She and Natalie share a birthday, so they had a joint party and made their own necklaces at Beth's Beaded Boutique in Sleepy Eye.
Picking out her beads...

So many to chose from!

Her friends Alyssa and Natalie hard at work

Beth showing Eve how to line up her beads

Concentration...Putting the beads on the necklace wire.

Taking a second to pose with her friend, Kiana

Eve and her finished product!  I asked her if I could wear it nd she said no :(

The girls showing off their new necklaces

Eve was excited to open her presents

She was very excited to open this one - horse wall decals that match her new
sheets that she received from G for her birthday! 

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