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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Finding "Extra" Money - Spare Change

As we save up for a house, I'm always on the lookout for creative ways to add to our House Fund.  One of the easiest ways for us is to not spend any of our spare change.  We use cash for nearly everything we buy, like groceries.  If the total is $49.06, I give the cashier $50 and take the 94c in change and put in my coin purse.  I used to deposit this weekly, but our bank is on the opposite end of town, so now I deposit it once a month or whenever I get to the bank.  In 2012 we deposited about $200 just in change.  We'd have more, but we use gift cards through the Scrip program at the kids' school that helps pay down their tuition.  Otherwise, it would be VERY easy to at least double this every year!

What's a creative way you save? 

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