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Monday, May 26, 2008

Bedtime Routine

I'm now 8 weeks :o) Only 32 (or less!) to go!

We have a new bedime routine. I cannot explain how much I dislike reading kids books, so I leave that one up to Ryan most of the time as he's much more of a reader than I am (working on it tho!). So instead of reading at bedtime, we tell stories. It's so cute. Derrick and Eve both sit at the edge of their beds and say together, "Once upon a time..." Well, Derrick says it correctly, Eve's comes out something like "Up a bedtime..." Still pretty cute. Each night I then say a new story line and they help me finish the story. Tonight, it started out "Once upon a time there was a little girl named Eve and she was downstairs_______." They said she was downstairs playing toys with Nate and that Derrick was sleeping upstairs and they had to wake him up. So they came up with all kinds of ways to wake Big Boy Dirkie up. It was really cute. We tried monkey piling on him, and roaring like a baby lion, then roaring like a daddy lion. I like getting their imaginations going. Derrick has a wonderful one, and Eve is too slow to think of something right now that Derrick will usually beat her in saying something, so we are slowly getting Derrick to let Eve have a turn. She seems kind of confused, but she's catching on. I can't wait until this new baby is 2 and can join in on all the fun conversations we have with D and E!

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