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Monday, May 5, 2008

Yard Work

So, it's finally nice outside, and we saved up some money to get our yard work on the go. We trimmed up the monsterous pine tree in the front last summer, but we never finished raking up the 50 years of pine needles that have piled up and covered 1/2 of our front yard. I raked up a number of them last fall, but now we needed to get the grass seed down to get it growing. So here's what we accomplished today:

  • Raked up 1/2 of the front yard of the nasty needles (in some places they were almost 6 inches thick! and piled them on the other side of our front yard until we can figure out how to discard them. I vote for burning them, but that might not fly.
  • Put up edging around our sidewalk to prevent water runoff from getting dirt all over
  • Aerated the area that needed to be reseeded
  • Raked the dirt "smooth" - as smooth as I cared to do it :o)
  • Put one full bag of seed all over the dirt
  • Watered our new babies with a sprinkler we didn't realize doesn't move, so we watered it by hand

So now it's just a waiting game. We have another bag of grass seed ready to fill in the areas that don't grow. Next on the list -

  • Plant more seed to fill in areas that didn't thrive (few weeks away though)
  • Find shrubs to replace the yucky stumps we have now
  • Remove the stumps (not so fun work, we did one last summer)
  • Plant the shrubs
  • Fill in around the shrubs with rock/wood chips and edging
  • Find and Plant a few flowers to give some bursts of color! Can't wait for this one! I might actually plant some flowers in my big pot first, just to get the colors going :o) I'll get the kids in on this one, as we did all the flowers for Applebee's yesterday! They had fun, although they are NOT allowed to go shopping for the flowers with me. That was the biggest pain I have ever done with them! They were so naughty - running and hiding in the plants. They are usually soooo good in the store, but for some reason, they had minds of their owns yesterday!

We have another busy week ahead of us. I'll try to remember to charge our camera so I can post pics of our growing front yard and the kids playing in the dirt, I mean planting in the dirt :o)

** Hint Hint - Mommy's Day is around the corner - I'd like some plants :o) **

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