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Monday, April 28, 2008

Fun at G and Papa's

Mommy and Daddy went away for the weekend, so we got to go to G and Papa's house! But Auntie Marcie wasn't there again. I guess she moved away for a little while, but she comes back soon! I had a lot of fun - making cookies with G, being goofy on the couch and playing with Dirkie under the blankets and outside.

I had fun too! I love being at G and Papa's house. But it was super cold outside. But I still managed to play for a little while outside. Can't wait until Mommy and Daddy get a house with a lot of grass to play on! On our way home, Mommy said we get to go to Gran and Grandpa's house soon. I said they lived "a long, long, long ways away" and Mommy said we could fly in an airplane there. But I screamed at that! Not until I'm maybe 5. I have to be a very big boy to do that. So than Mommy and Daddy said we could go on a choo-choo train - that would be fun! So we are going to do that in August for Unkie Britt and Almost-Auntie Christine's wedding.

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