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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2 Week Checkups

Both Victor and I had our two week checkups today. My BP is still a little high, but she didn't seem to worried. I'll have to search out some relaxation techniques and what vitamins help out to lower it so by my 6 week checkup, I'll be perfect again :o) And I'm only 9 pounds over my pre-Victor weight, so I'm happy with that!

Victor is still just a little peanut - I'm so not used to this! He's now 8# 8oz. I asked if that was healthy, and the doc said definitely. I'm just not used to my kids not gaining 1# during this time! He eats well and sleeps a lot. Doc said he's perfect, which I won't disagree with! His head has grown 3/4 inch, so at least part of him is growing!

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