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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Evie!

Happy Birthday, Eve! She turned 3 today! Actually, we've been talking about this day for about a week now. I asked her the other day what happens on her birthday (just to see what she'd say). She told me that when she turns three on her birthday, then she's a big girl like Mommy. And she'd be able to get her own food out of the cupboard (not allowed in our house since they make messes!) and she won't cry any more. I'm like - ALRIGHT! So this morning we wake up and she refuses to acknowledge it's her birthday - she kept saying "later." I guess technically she wasn't born until 5:12pm, so we went with that. I got a coupon for free ice cream from Cold Stone for her birthday, so I took her there to get her "pink ice cream" while Dad and Dirk made her cupcakes and chocolate muffins. Weird combo I know, but her favorites! When we got back, she opened up her presents and was so excited! A friend of mine gave us a little doll house that her kids no longer play with and we had Derrick give that to Eve (they don't know it wasn't bought and it's one more present, right?!) and she was so excited! It's the perfect size for her baby ponies. They played with that for hours. She also opened up 1150 princess stickers (they are EVERYWHERE!) and 2 sets of colored pencils. That also kept them occupied until bedtime. I didn't get many pics since I couldn't remember where I put my camera until right before bedtime :o( But here is one with Eve in front of her "new" pony house, with her newest pony, Wysteria - the pony bride - which she also got today. She now has over 20 My Little Ponies!

Not to take away from Evie's big day, but Victor is one month old today! Stay tuned for pics tomorrow.

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Kock Fam said...

Happy Birthday Eve- we hope your day was great!