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Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Dolls

Thank you so much Carolann for the dolls! Kyrsten and Eve had so much fun playing with the, and as you can see, I also caught Derrick playing with them too! We tried to name them, but Eve doesn't quite understant that yet, but she did call the tiniest doll "Eyeball." We'll see if that gets changed!

They will remain at G and Papa's house so our puppy doesn't get a hold of them. He's into biting hands off the few dolls Eve has. So until he's over that, these will be her special dolls when she goes to visit mom and dad's house. Kyrsten and Eve had fun giving all of us a modeling show of each outfit!

Cousin Kyrsten

Derrick joining in on the doll playing.

Evie noticed the dolly needed some hair TLC.

Putting on a bib. She played for quite a while with that brown-haired dolly. It also made a crying sound. I asked Eve what that sound was when it cried, she said that the dolly "farted". Oh Evie...

This was cute! Kyrsten's doll was referred to as "Mommy" and Eve's doll was referred to as "Baby". She does the same thing with her big ponies and little ponies!

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