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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Ok, now I have a few minutes, until I hear screaming or something!

Again, Victor is doing well. I adore my physician assistant - Deb. She's the one I saw when I went I had those issues after having Evie. She makes me feel like my kids are the best kids in the world. I'm sure she is that way with every patient of hers, but it doesn't feel like that when I'm with her. She probably doesn't see children all that often, as Mankato has so many pediatricians. I think that's why I like her. I can't say enough good about her. I'm so glad we stopped seeing our Peds doc and switched to her. Not that we see her for anything except baby well checkups! I'm trying to remember the last time the kids were brought to the doc for anything other than well checkups - I think this May will be TWO YEARS! I'm very thankful for healthy kids!

Anyways, Victor did have a little cracking in his left hip. He didn't have that at his 2-week checkup, so she wasn't worried. She just said we'll keep an eye on it next time we come in. And I'm incredibly thankful for not needing to get shots this time. I just hate giving kids shots, so I'm glad she was ok with us postponing it until he's 4 months old.

He had a little rash and was super fussy from switching formulas. He seems to be doing better and had 2 8-ounce bottles while I was at work today! I was only gone for 4 hours! Little piggy :o) Hopefully in the next few days he'll be completely back to normal - no fussing - from the other formula.

He's a very happy little guy. I think I'll get his pics taken tomorrow, or all three kids. I really need to get on the ball with that. I have coordinating outfits for all of them, and with Victor growing, I need to get them done before he outgrows it!

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