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Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Pics

I wonder if this will make her leave me alone...

Eve doesn't always play with Victor, so this was a big deal for her to HOLD him!

My two boys!

I haven't heard Dirk giggle like that in such a long time. All three were having a great time laughing, at really nothing at all. Just laughing!

Goofy Dirk. Sweet little Victor. They just LOVE to be by one another!

They are laughing at Eve doing something. I couldn't move the camera back far enough to catch her in the pic in time :o(

Learning how to sit up like a big boy!

I'm SO big!
(or learning how to tell Mom how big the fish was!)

He had SO much fun playing with a newspaper! His hands were covered in black ink. So we won't be doing that again.

Here's a link to the new swimsuit Eve has! She would NOT pose for you, sorry. She ran downstairs to show Dad and Dirk, then stripped it off 2 seconds later.


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