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Sunday, February 28, 2010

ER Visit

So last night the kids were on our bed, and it was their bedtime, so I said to get off our bed and into theirs. Off Evie jumped, and tripped or something and landed face down. No big deal I thought. It wasn't like she cracked her head on the floor or anything, but somehow she managed to tear open her arm. We spent quite a while in our room right where she fell trying to figure out what she caught her arm on, but there was no blood anywhere. It's very strange. Anyways, so I told Eve to stop crying and it was bed time. Then Ryan noticed there was a lot of blood, I looked and took her downstairs to clean it up. Gross part - she cut it enough that the little bit of fat she actually has on her arms was coming out of the wound. Great - an ER visit with really crappy insurance. Oh well, it needs to be done. It definitely needed stitches. So off we went. We sat in the ER for an hour before seeing a doc. She was fine, so we enjoyed watching the Olympics since we don't have cable. Once back in the room, we had to get x-rays to make sure there was nothing in the wound that would get sewn up with it. I didn't want these, but I didn't want the guilt of having something in there to cause her more harm later on, so off we went for "pictures of her arm". Nothing, thank goodness. But the numbing gel they had her put on it for 30 minutes I don't think did anything. She screamed the entire time. I did ok with it, until she looked up at the nurse who was holding her arm down and pleaded, "Please stop now." That about did me in. They had her strapped down so she wouldn't move, and the doc had huge headphones on to block out her screaming. I wish I would have had them! Overall she did really well, and does not want me to take the bandaid off, even tho I need to. That's when I'll get pics of it. She got a red popcicle and Starburst when she was done. And then all was good. Oh how ice cream and treats can cure any ouie :o)

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Jacob Family said...

Poor girl!! I'm wondering who it was harder on, Mom or Eve??