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Friday, July 17, 2009

To-Do List

Well, another Friday. Another To-Do List. Here goes! I am hoping to get like 90% of this done by today! And hopefully reward myself with a nap :o)

DONE 1. Finish dishes
2. Put dishes away
DONE 3. Clean counter
4. Clean out refrigerator
DONE 5. Organize cupboards
DONE 6. Wash outside of cupboards
7. Scrub floor
8. Clean inside of microwave
DONE 9. Wash windows
10. Clean windowsills
11. Clean off table
12. Put table cloth back on table

Living Room
1. Vacuum
2. Figure out where to put fish stuff
3. Move file cabinet
4. Move fire box
5. Put shoes in boxes and into closet
6. Clean windows
7. Clean windowsills
8. Organize desktop
9. Organize inside of desk
10. Figure out where to put frames and mirror

1. Sweep
2. Scrub floor
3. Put one box of toys away
4. Throw out garbage
5. Finish laundry
6. Fold laundry
7. Put laundry away
8. Put games by tv
9. Organize movies, put vhs away
10. Put books on shelf
11. Put clothes containers upstairs
12. Fill fish tank
13. Go thru area by washing machine.
14. Bring fish cabinet upstairs
15. Vacuum
16. Shampoo carpet???
17. Clean window
18. Clean windowsill
19. Wash walls - remove more crayon
20. Bring TV back up to our room

DONE 1. Wash counter
2. Scrub floor
3. Clean tub
4. Clean ceiling
DONE 5. Clean shower curtain
DONE 6. Clean toilet
7. Wash window
8. Clean windowsill
9. Organize cabinet

Kids' Room
1. Put books downstairs, except for one shelf
2. Put one shelf of books on our bookshelf
3. Move their stuff into our room
4. Move their closet items into our room
5. Vacuum
6. Hang stuff on walls
7. Hang our curtains in kids' room

Our Room
1. Move our stuff into kids' room
2. Hook up tv in our room
3. Move our closet itemsn into kids' room
4. Vacuum
5. Hang stuff on walls
6. Hang up kids' curtain in our room

The last two categories are not going to be so much fun. But the kids need more room to get 3 beds into one room, so we're flipping rooms.

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Jessica said...

What makes that room sparkle is the window washing you have done once or twice a week. It’s what illuminates the room and gives the view the extra kick it needs.