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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

6 Month Checkup

Victor had his 6 month checkup today! He is such a little ham - every person that paid any attention to him, he's just offer them a bunch of smiles and giggles! He is nice and healthy. He has a small "thing" on his left collarbone that the doc actually had another doc look at. Neither one of them knew what it was, so she said we should see a ped dermatologist just to make sure all is ok. Normally I get that motherly instinct of something is wrong, but I don't at all this time. I'm sure it's absolutely nothing. He's such a good little boy! So happy. He can sit all by himself for long periods of time now, plus get up on his hands and knees and rock. Oh boy! Crawling is just around the corner I'm sure! Here's his stats, compared to the other two. He's QUICKLY catching up to Derrick! He was born 3 inches shorter than he was, and is now only and inch and a half shorter. Can't wait to feed these two monsters in a few years! :o)

27 inches

18# 13 oz
26.25 inches

28.5 inches

More pics to come from the weekend, as soon as Uncle Matt and G send us theres! A-hem! Hint Hint. Wink Wink :o)

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