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Friday, July 10, 2009

Hair and Pics

We finally got Eve's 3-year pics taken. I figured I'd better get them done before she turns 3 1/2 here shortly :o) Paula did a nice job! We went with the first one you'll see. But it was a hard choice! Not too many pics, but I knew once the first one was taken, I didn't need any more. It's usually how it goes with my kids :o)

www. searsportraits.com

Check 'em out!

Good thing we got them done when we did. Eve got a hold of a pair of scissors at Mom's house and had a nice time cutting her own hair. I'm so thankful she didn't cut her bangs, but she did give herself MORE bangs, took most of one side by her temple and a few chunks here and there. I'm also thankful she didn't fall while having the scissors, but she just sat on top of the bathroom counter and looked in the mirror I guess. We're still finding chunks of hair all over the house!

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