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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mimicking Sounds

Victor has really taken an interest into making sounds. I've had a pretty nasty cough these last few days, and whenever I cough, he makes a few pretend coughs. I just tell him, "Cool it."

Gran sent Victor a touch-and-feel book. I read that to him last night, and on the polar bear, it has a nice, soft, fluffy fur. I would touch it and say, "Nice. Nice..." Victor would point his little finger, touch it and say "Eye, eye..." Well, you got one sound right! I know there was a sound at the end, but it wasn't an "s" sound, so I'm not sure how to write that. lol

He's getting better at saying "More," which right now is just "Mo!" There is no soft talking with any of my kids, especially the boys. I'll blame their dad, haha!

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