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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pics from the Motherland!

Dirk's first "Big Boy Bike" ride.

:o) I love being home!

Victor has NOT liked Papa at all :o( When Papa would just walk past him while he was playing on the floor, he would have this scream come out of him like he was getting hurt! But, after Papa fed him some food and played peek-a-boo, all was good! Now they are buddies. Well, we'll see if they still are today, but as of last night they were. We should not take 3 months to come back and see them again. I wish I could get Ryan to move closer, I miss being able to see our family. And I LOVE having the kids be around them! Tomorrow the kids will hopefully get to see Uncle Scott and Auntie Sarah, and maybe Jeremy and Kyrsten. On Saturday Uncle Matt, Auntie Megan and Brooklynn will be coming over! The kids are so excited! Dirk keeps asking for "my boy" and Evie has been wondering where "her girl" is. AKA, Jeremy and Kyrsten :o) So cute. And they haven't played with Brooke since Fun Fest! It's been too long!

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