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Monday, October 12, 2009


So last night, Ryan and I were upstairs putting the kids to bed and Victor was on our main level playing with toys. Well, so we thought. Next thing I hear is this squealing in the hallway. Victor was working on the 3rd step! No leaving him ANYWHERE any more :o( Little stinker. Man that kid is mobile! He's also walking around furniture and loves to "walk" if you hold both of his hands, which is a favorite thing of Dirk's. Dirk and Victor are so cute together - they both LOVE being in each other's company, as long as Dirk isn't taking off his clothes to tickle him :o) I haven't gotten it thru his head he doesn't need to strip the baby down in order to tickle him! lol

We're heading to G and Papa's house tomorrow! Mom hasn't seen the kids in 3 months! Dad and Matt swung down on their Harley's a few weeks ago. So Mom is in need of a grandbabies fix! And I need some time away. Stay tuned for a few pics I'm sure!

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