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Friday, March 29, 2013

Financially Fit Friday

“When real faith grips you, you develop a mind-set that looks for the best in everything, refuses to give up, finds a way around or through every obstacle, and presses on to victory.”
- Norman Vincent Peale

Have you started a money makeover? What are you planning on paying CASH for? What bill are you paying off? Share a bit of your story! No story is too small to share! Real life stories keep Carrie motivated. Catch up on Our Story to see how far we’ve come.

Emergency Fund - $1000 – Stocked

House Fund – Goal $20,000.00 by 3/31/2013. I'm thankful that even though we had $1000s in medical and vehicle repair bills, that we always had the money for it. I'm also very thankful that we can now start putting our money towards the House Fund again! That was a long two months! We have one more major bill, but we are on a no-interest payment plan with them until we get reimbursed from Samaritan Ministries, hopefully in April.

According to the bank, we have all we need for our down payment (5% as of Feb 1st) and all the other fees and escrow money. So from here on out it's all extra money to use to fix the new house up or to put a bigger down payment (which is what we're going for). Now we just wait for a nice home to come onto the market. I've driven past several, and crossed them off due to location. I've got my eye on a few in our ideal location, but waiting for them to drop in price before we look at them. 
  • Deposited $8.24 in spare change (I didn't have much, so I didn't make a trip to the bank)
  • Deposited $2.18 from Endorse
  • Deposited $153.71 in leftover income. 
  • Withdrew $600 - We signed up our oldest in Tae Kwon Do.  Totally worth it! 
  • Currently Saved $8,233.16
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The following are the other loans we currently have, but will put them on the back burner as we save for a house bigger than a 2-bedroom for our family of SIX! We plan on keeping the duplex we currently own, and renting out the side we currently live in, thus earning more money each month that will pay these off for us :D

Hubby’s Student Loan as of 10/01/2011 $9395
  • Outstanding Balance is $8,494.81
My Student Loan as of 10/01/2011 $6480
  • Outstanding Balance is $5,817.57
Family Loan $3000 – I was told to keep this and put this towards a new house, since the person doesn’t need this money right now. Bonus :D

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