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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I just checked out my old babysite for the kids. It's still up and running - but I had to take a walk down memory lane. CHECK OUT THE PICTURES! Oh my have the kids grown! I just want to go hug my kids right now. I can't believe how time has flown when I look at these pictures! I can only imagine what little Victor will be like when he's Evie's age in those pictures. I love that age, those little baby chubs :o) Anyways, I went to that site to check where Victor falls on the growth scale of the other kids. He weighs more than Eve did and is longer! He's about 4 pounds behind what Derrick was, and about 2 inches shorter. But he's slowly catching up :o) Derrick will have competition I think. Victor has some pretty big paws, so I'm assuming he's gonna be a big boy. It will be fun seeing them grow up together. Derrick adores him, and Victor watches Derrick so much more than he watches Eve. Not that Eve will need any help, but they will be great brothers to protect her from all the boys! Mom likes that ha ha!

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