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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spring Cleaning To-Do List

Last time I made a to-do list for on here, I got the majority of it done. We would like this to be finished by Saturday. We are able to take a lot of boxes of stuff we no longer need to the dump for no extra charge, but Saturday is the last day we can do that. SO, our timeframe is from now until Saturday to get this all done! Plus, it will be nice to have the house looking nicer if we decide to pursue buying a new home - it'll be nice and clean for us to show our side for new renters, plus it will need to get appraised I'm sure. Every little bit helps!

Living Room
DONE 1. patch holes
2. hang mirror
3. hang pictures
4. vacuum
5. clean off desk
6. windows
7. windowsills
8. clean by wall
Victor likes this now. 9. put swing away
10. put saw downstairs
11. move file cabinet
12. move fire box
13. water plants
DONE 14. throw out shelf
15. move furniture around???
16. sand patches on wall
17. paint patches on wall

1. clean floor
2. clean oven
3. clean out refrigerator
4. clean sink
5. clean windowsills
6. windows
DONE 7. clean cabinet doors
DONE 8. take down names
9. fix eating schedule and make it fun for kids
10. clean top of table and put table cloth back down
DONE 11. find place for placemats
12. wash dishes
13. put dishes away

DONE 1. clean floor
2. clean tub/shower
3. recaulk tub
DONE 4. clean sink
DONE 5. clean toilet
DONE 6. mud up wall
7. window
8. clean windowsill
9. clean ceiling
DONE 10. clothes out
11. organize cabinets

Our Room
1. put laundry away
2. dust
3. organize bookshelf
4. weed thru ryan's t-shirts
5. weed thru my drawer
6. vacuum
DONE 7. remove red nail polish from wall - thanks dirk.
DONE 8. remove red nail polish from mirror - thanks dirk.
9. fix crib
10. flip rooms
11. put up bigger crib
DONE 12. pick up dirty clothes

Kids' Room
DONE 1. donate books
2. organize bookshelf
3. fix nightstand
4. vacuum
5. clean windowsills
6. windows
7. organize clothes
8. organize cabinet
DONE 9. donate kids' clothes i don't want to store

Toy Room
1. legos upstairs
DONE 2. vacuum
DONE 3. toys in buckets
DONE 4. movies in order
DONE 5. crayons in bucket
6. books upstairs
7. coloring books on shelf

1. shampoo carpet
DONE 2. throw out garbage
3. fish tank
DONE 4. vacuum
5. clean floor
6. fold laundry
7. put away laundry
DONE 8. throw out chalkboard
DONE 9. dust
DONE 10. organize movies
DONE (well, we're going to paint over the rest) 11. clean crayon off walls
12. go thru corner storage
DONE 13. clean tv cabinet
14. put 3rd seat back in truck

1. bag up dog poo
2. rake up needles
3. water new plants
4. trim bushes
5. put in edging
6. put down mulch
7. throw out plant on porch
8. what to do with planters???


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