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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Perfect Day

I have to tell you that on Thursday I had the most perfect day since our wedding day!

Victor pretty much slept the entire night, only waking for me to put the pacifier back into his mouth and off to Dream Land he went.

He then woke up around 515am and was jabbering away. So I got him up for the day so he wouldn't wake the other kids up. As I went downstairs, I noticed a note from Ryan that he had made pancakes for the kids!

I was asked by a friend to work for her early and stay late for her. I knew I would be heading to Wisconsin for the weekend, so the extra cash would be welcomed :o) I started off being put in a section that most people don't care for, but during the day shift, it's good for me! I got a party right at 11am that left me enough in tips to pay my way to Wisconsin! And I still had 4 hours to go! I made excellent tips, had some wonderful guests, and a fantastic coworker that stayed to roll the silverware for me so I could get home! It was one of my best shifts ever!

I also found out one of my old coworkers that transferred to the Stillwater Applebee's would be working on Sunday when I'd be going there with Marcie, Sarah and Megan for our Sister's Lunch! The day kept getting better!

Plus, I ran into one of Ryan's coworkers when I was running an errand and I said I was leaving for the weekend (with our only vehicle) and she said she'd be happy to give Ryan a ride the days she was working so he didn't have to pay for cab fare! Oh I love Kim!

I packed up the truck quickly, and without the kids opening up the front door and letting the dog out! Extra awesome!

Then we picked up Ryan from work and dropped him off at home and headed out. Victor was kind of cranky, but fell asleep within a few minutes. The other two kids followed along within 30 minutes. Victor woke up one time to tell whoever he thought was listening a cute little story and he was back off to sleep! They all slept! I hit one stop light that I remember. Instead of taking a normal 2 hours and 20+ minutes to drive home, I made it in 2 hours and 5 minutes. I know it's only 15 minutes, but it just topped off my day.

*sigh* What a great day! AND I got to be home! I love it here!

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