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Saturday, May 30, 2009

5 Months Old/Goodbye Zale!

Yesterday, Victor turned 5 months old! I wish he would start sleeping like he did when he was 8 weeks old. Oh how teeth mess things up. I did get him to go back to sleep around 1 without eating, but had no luck at 330, 430, 5 or 530. I caved in at 330, but can't believe he was up that many times after that! We'll be moving him into the bigger crib, so hopefully that will help him also. He's almost sitting up by himself. He LOVES to be in his walker, and has the best time when he's sitting in it in the toy room watching the kids play. He wants to be a big boy so bad! His teeth have given him a break, but he's still in that waking up all night long schedule. But during the day he's so happy! And mom can be soooo crabby! :o)

Yesterday morning, Zale got food off our counter again. Ryan went upstairs (as he heard the plate hit the floor) to yell at him, and when he did, Zale snarled at him. He's never done this before, but we weren't taking a chance that he'd do that to any of the kids, or worse. We honestly don't think he'd do it, but we couldn't take that chance. So he went to the humane society up in Burnsville. We felt he'd get a better chance of getting a new home in a larger populated area. He, besides that one snarl, was such a good dog. When I'd put Victor in the chair to go make his bottle and he'd be screaming, Zale would walk over to him, lick his face, and then just sit next to him. Eve LOVES Zale, well, Zaley as she called him! I had a talk with D and E about Zale being naughty and that he could have bitten Daddy, so we have to bring him to a new home. I said we'd get another puppy sometime, and they thought we'd trade dogs or something! After the lady took Zale, the kids took off and I asked where they were going. They said to go pick out a new puppy! Ah, no. Sorry kids. We're going to wait a while before going down that road again! They want one like Hans, Gran's puppy. That's the smallest dog I'd have. Anything smaller, it's just a Kick-Me-Dog. :o) Don't get me started on tea-cup sized dogs! Ha ha! So, this isn't the way I wanted to see Zale leave our family, so I do pray he gets adopoted quickly. He doesn't deserve to sit in a kennel! I did see a gentleman take him out to the side yard to see how his temperment is, etc. So I did kind of "spy" on them. He told Zale to sit, and Zale did. So I hope he behaves so he can get a fantastic recommendation! (to a home with no kids, just in case)

So, my to-do list didn't get too much accomplished yesterday unfortunately. The whole drama with Zale took about 8 hours, and by the time I got home, I was exhausted. So, I have a lot to do today to get it all done! Or, is it ok if I take until Sunday to get it done? :o)

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