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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Well, it's officially winter. :o( I live in the wrong state.

We put up our first Christmas tree in years this last weekend. I meant to do it on the first day of Advent, but I misjudged which day that was :o) Before you think I'm this horribly Mommy, let me explain. In the last 4 years (we did put up a tree when Dirk was a baby), we have had babies and/or toddlers, 2 cats and a dog. And really pretty ornaments that I didn't want broken! So in the past I have put up garland around our living room window, and hung ornaments there. None of them could reach them to pull them down! lol But the 2 older kids need a tree, so up it went thanks to Uncle Scott and Auntie Sarah! Not going to lie, I chuckle every time I see it, but the kids had so much fun I couldn't "fix" it :o) I'll get pics up sometime.

I've been working a lot these last 10 days. So sorry for no updates/pics. But it's worth it, to know we have cash for presents :o)

AH! I also found THE stockings I've been looking for for years!!! I was ecstatic! I LOVE LOVE LOVE stockings that look like socks. But I had yet to find them, until I was returning something to Old Navy and THERE THEY WERE!!! AND ONLY A $1 A PIECE! I know I'm a dork, but I was so excited I think I called Ryan, Mom and Mom Z. :o)

We've gotten a few of the Christmas presents bought, and we know what the rest are going to be, I'm just waiting for a nice sale (haven't seen them go on sale yet, so I know it's coming).

Oh it was so cute! Eve cut out all the pictures of My Little Ponies and put them on a piece of paper (letter) for Santa! How cute is that! She said then he would know what she wanted. Too cute! I'm thinking of mailing it, but not sure to who, so that person won't forget to respond to her. lol And she is getting MORE ponies. Like she doesn't have enough, but she absolutely LOVES them.

Stay warm! It's freezing here. I can't wait for a "real" house. This one is just too old and drafty for me. We put up the plastic on the windows, but it's not enough today. I'm also thankful for an SUV that can drive out of snow banks :o) And I think our renters are also, as they parked their minivan behind us. I told her (she's due tomorrow with their 2nd child) I'd make a path for her to get out :o) It worked!

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