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Friday, December 18, 2009

To Do List

Well, I didn't get to cross everything off my list, but that's bcuz they aren't completely done. But I did do the majority of them almost completely! :o)

Alrighty, I went shopping all day today, so tomorrow I need to accomplish a few big chores, so I will have a relatively short list, but time consuming I'm sure!

DONE! 1. Combine kids' clothes into buckets
2. Put those buckets in closets
3. Fold clothes
4. Put clothes away
5. Do dishes
6. Put dishes away
7. Vacuum
DONE! 8. Take pics of kids
DONE! 9. Fix drain in bathroom
Went to bed early :o) 10. Take a nap
DONE! 11. Projects with the kids
12. Fix books on bookshelf
13. Pack up books we don't "need"
14. Clean off my dresser
DONE! 15. Make something new for dinner

If I accomplish more - I get extra points. What will I win? Well, as my Mommies Group always offers - an oven mitt. So we'll see :o) lol

PS - I put all the pics on the camera onto the computer and realized they didn't turn out - they are all blurry and weird. So that's why I put "take pics of kids" on my to do list - for all of you to see the cutest little stinkers there are! :o)

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