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Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

We had a nice day celebrating Jesus' birthday. With singing "Happy Birthday" and eating cupcakes. Dirk thought that Jesus turned 1 today, and Eve said 15. They later changed their minds to 2042 and 55 respectively :o) I love the minds of children, and asking them questions to see what they come up with! It's great!
Ryan and I have had a blast with the Wii (so does Dirk actually)! It's fun to find something in common again instead of the same old stuff every day. Ryan was very surprised to see
The Strike under the tree from Mrs. Claus. And we found out today there is a tournament for that game in New Richmond! Plus he'll get to see Guido H...(something, can't remember his last name) who is a professional bass fisherman! I think that's awesome for him to be able to do that and maybe get some pointers from him in his seminar! This coming year will be so much fun watching Ryan start to really tackle being a professional bass fisherman! Dirk is excited to join dad in his fishing endeavors - as he got new fishing tackle for Christmas! He's already asked if he can go fishing with dad right now. Sorry bud, it's a bit frozen right now, lets wait until it warms up!
He loves balls.

We found one small enough, but too big to put in his mouth.

Dirk got some dart guns.
(They hurt)

Oh did he LOVE this ball!
He wouldn't look at any other presents!

Dirk and his new Transformer book

Eve can't have enough baby ponies!

Kids opening, Victor eating a ball again.

Eve getting ready to rip open the paper!

Eve showing off her new toys

Highly concentrating on how those
little pieces go together.
Victor LOVED this little board book
from G-Uncle Mike, Alyson & Mallory

Dirk showing off his new Transformer
and Bakugan.
(I've officially hit the stage of when my child asks
for a certain toy and I don't have a clue what it is!
Thank goodness for the internet!)
Eve and all her ponies and accessories

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